Be careful what you let in your home

Be careful about what kind of things you bring in your home . A lot of people don’t think it matters what kind of things you bring in your home but its very important and I can’t stress it enough . Their was this couple that bought this artifact in their home and they thought it was really nice looking but what they didn’t know is that that “cute” object was used in rituals to worship false gods and this object made very bad things happen in their home . They didn’t know what it was but after a while they figured it out. Some people think that the Wiji board is a toy but its not . People use this thing to call on spirits but in reality their calling evil spirits . Using a Wiji board is not cool or fun and if you are doing it I recommend you stop . Their is a spirit world and their are both good and bad spirits but the good thing is the good over powers the bad a lot . It’s important to read your bible on a regular basis so you can be fully educated on this topic and many others . The devil wants everybody to be decieved and he wants their to be spiritual darkness . Where their are people understanding their bible , going to church on a regular basis and having a personal relationship with God and Jesus darkness will quickly leave and that’s a good thing . If you have any questions about Christianity I would love to answer them . Have a nice day and may The Lord bless you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you take time to make your relationship with God and Jesus better because everybody has space for improvement wether its reading the bible more or praying more often .


Your Destiny part 2

Some people have a Destiny that is so great that it’s brighter than the sun. Your destiny can be affected by your vision as well. That’s why it’s good to keep people around you that know more than you. If you keep people around you that make you feel the smartest that’s called small thinking.

They’re are too many people who have great destiny but they hang around people who have no plan to succeed in life. You should be hanging aground people who don’t do drugs and people who don’t drink. You should hang around people are very smart and who have a plan for their life.

As a Christian I chose friends who have good Godly morals. Why would I hang around someone who is rebellious and who does drugs. Spirits travel believe it or not and if you hadn’t strong people with certain behavior you can start doing it add well without even realizing it .

The reason you’re still breathing is because God has a great plan for your life. God doesn’t leave anybody on earth without a purpose. You are created for greater things in life even if people tell you that you’re not worth anything. Satan wants people to feel worthless but you are created by God the creator of the Universe.

You are highly favored and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep Good first and remember to make wise decision and gang around people who want to be something positive  and remember you’re never to young or old to achieve.