New York

In case you haven’t heard in New York they are about to ban large sugary sodas . First of all it is NOT the governments business what you drink that should remain your business . If you want to load your body with sugar and caffeine that should be your decision not the governments . Democracy prohibits the government from doing things like this and the government can and will get away with it unless a New York citizen reports it ! New York says gay marriage is ok but drinking sodas aren’t ! I think somebody has their priorities backwards ! Well I don’t think I know ! New Yorkers have always been known to have a f**** off attitude which means they tell you what’s on their mind . I am not saying every New Yorker is like this either I’m speaking on what their known as . If their are any New Yorkers reading this stand up for your rights because if they ban sodas no yelling g what their going to ban next . If people want to drink large sodas that should be their business!