Obama,America,and Vaccines

I have been procrastinating for a while now but it’s time to do a blog post. I love to blog but I have been making it so complicated lately. I am working on another blog post as we speak and you don’t want to miss it.


 I want to start off by discussing the State Of Union. As soon as Obama started off his speech he began with the usual feel good psychology;That is the way he won the presidential election twice with charisma and feel good psychology.

He BARELY addressed the real issues he just bought up stuff to take people’s mind of the big picture THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE FINANCIALLY and SPIRITUALLY . His speech was all smiles and feel good but the  job market isn’t feeling so good. Obama has barely created jobs but his fiction statistics will have you believe that he has done a lot!

30% of jobs that have been created have went to Texas . Why? I’m glad you asked,Texas has a FREE MARKET, LOW TAXES and REPUBLICAN policies. If you’re a Democrat please don’t get offended I’m just telling the truth . Places like Detroit and California have some of the craziest policies in this country and  their economy reflects it. In the next post I will discuss why millions of people are moving to Texas. (Subscribe to my email updates to know when I will publish it.

 A recent poll was taken and they said only 3% of people feel this country is headed towards the right direction. You read it right only 3% , with a failing job market, inflation, a long list of scams, lies, manipulation,etc. I wouldn’t have any hope for this country either but thank God their is a God who sits on the throne.

 Recently some court papers leaked showing that the government spies on people through games like Angry Bird. The article (Source:Fox News) said that a lot of people (including myself but I am more careful now) just download apps without reading the permissions of the app so that’s why the government goes through your pictures and they know all of your secrets. (I know that sounds weird but that’s the truth. )


I was listening to a preacher, John Hagee, and he said he is not worried if the government is listening to him and if they are he will say , “Jesus is Lord and you guys need some help. ” A lot of people are living in a fantasy land they believe the government would never put fluoride and other chemicals in our water.




The problem nowadays is people are so naive they think the government loves them. The only thing the government is trying to do is initiate the New World Order.The same government that smiles in your face and read you feel good psychology speeches recommend that you take flu shots that have been proven to increase your chances for having cancer,Leukemia,infertility,brain cancer, rotting teeth and  thousands of other problems. Flu shots contain so many poisons inside them that they have to put a may cause death symbol on them .



vaccines_ingredients_are_poisons Vaccines-BHP-copyneedles 172-0927132849

I want my viewers to be informed on how deadly all of these “HELPFUL” vaccines are but yet the doctors recommend them. Let me inform you on something right quick the doctors that recommend these vaccines are paid BIG BUCKS by the government to do that.


Before he information age it was really easy for the government to lie to people but we live in the information age now what’s your excuse for being uninformed? I was uninformed to before I read about this stuff myself. The mainstream news also a product of the government urges people to go get their flu shot. 





Ask yourself what did your ancestors do before all of these vaccines? They ate their non GMO vegetables, ate non GMO fruit,and  they drank plenty of water . Does that sound extreme? No it doesn’t. Children in third world countries are some of the healthiest children on this earth without taking mercury I mean vaccines. 


Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1940s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1950s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Polio (IPV)
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1960s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Polio (OPV) Measles
Mumps Rubella

me Frame Recommended Vaccines
1985 – 1994 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (OPV) Hib
1994 – 1995 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (OPV) Hib
Hepatitis B
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
2000 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A
2005 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A Pneumococcal
2010 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A Pneumococcal
Influenza Rotavirus

As you can see the poison I mean vaccine recommendations have grown over time. I will continue to address this subject in the next post and some of my older posts talk about this as well so please check them out.

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Islam in today’s society,the spirit of the Anti Christ , and Christianity

Islam in today’s society,the spirit of the Anti Christ , and Christianity

Most people are looking for one person to be the antichrist but their are antichrist spirits . 1 John 4:3 says anyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is Lord has the spirit of the antichrist .

Their are antichrist spirits but their will be an antichrist . ( Revelations 13 verses 1-18) gives a great description if the antichrist .

Their are preachers that are here in earth now and that will come that wont preach the gospel but instead they will preach a doctrine of demons (1 Timothy 4:1 ) . The doctrine will be sound really good but the gospel is the only thing that’s supposed to be taught in church .

People who call a preacher a false prophet for nothing don’t know the biblical definition of a false prophet . A false prophet is someone who preaches a message other than Jesus and someone who says Jesus isn’t Lord.

A lot of people don’t believe in the antichrist but he will come and he will deceive many . If you go to a church where the sermon doesn’t match the word of God you aren’t hearing the word of God .

People need to understand that pastors have different type of preaching styles so if you’re used to hearing yelling and then you go to one church and the pastor preaches in a calm voice that doesn’t mean one is good and the other isn’t .

People are quick to call preachers false prophets and money stealers . Before you call a preacher something make sure you know what you’re taking about .


A lot of people nowadays are Muslims . The thing about Muslims is they usually have way more children than Christians do and they don’t do abortion as much as Christians do .By the year of 2030 Muslims will be expected to make up 25% of the worlds population .

As a Christian I think we should get along with watch other because we do have to share this earth with each other.

According to the Quran , Islam religious text , Muslims should be friends with both Jews and Christians.

Most of the Quran was written way after their prophet was dead . So the Quran was basically written by memory but the bible was written by prophets who heard from God.

People somehow get Allah the God of Islam and the God of Christianity mixed up . They are two different religions and two different Gods . The prophet Of Islam ,Muhammad , was foaming at the mouth when he was interacting with their God.

(Luke 9:42)

Also the following link is interesting and I recommend you read it for more information about Muhammad.


Muhammad said that his body was thrown and he started foaming in the mouth . No heavenly thing (angel,etc.)would ever do that according to the bible only people that were possessed by demons had those things happen to them .

Muhammad lived in a region where they were worshipping several idols so their were already plenty of evils spirits around due to idol worship .

Muhammad did what the demon(s) told him to do therefore Islam is not a godly religion its demonic religion . I know that sounds harsh but the truth is the truth .

In the bible and even today every heavenly encounter was peaceful . Muhammad didn’t have a peaceful encounter .

So therefore you have millions of people practicing a demonic religion . Jesus was God in flesh and he never foamed at the mouth . Their were many sightings of Jesus while he was here on earth .

Even the most secular scientists have found biblical evidence and have admitted that its related to Christianity . Jesus performed wonders and left us The Bible to live our life off of .

Recently people have found the Dead Sea scrolls and people are interested in it and that’s good but we have the bible here now and people don’t go off that so why would they be excited because of that .

Don’t get me wrong it is a good thing but if you’re not living your life based off the bible you should be .

Islam is the most growing religion today and they stick together . Islam has two sects of their religion named:
Sunni and the Shi’ites .

More information regarding the sects can be found by clicking on the link below :


85% of Muslims are Sunni and the rest of the Muslins are Shi’ites . Christianity had over 250 denominations and that doesn’t make sense . Satan just loves it when
Christians can’t come together to do the Great Commission .

A lot of denominations split over things that are discussed in the bible . The bible talks about spiritual gifts but some denominations don’t believe in using spiritual gifts and they are wrong .

If you belong to a denomination that contradicts with what the bible says you need to find a bible believing church . Just because you go to a denomination that doesn’t believe in one part of the bible doesn’t mean you won’t be judged according to that .

Every church should find The Great Commission very important because it is . As long as their mosques ( Its place where Muslims worship )and other temples then The Great Commission isn’t complete .

Thanks for reading this post , God bless you and please share this with someone .

Racism in this World

Racism has been in this earth forever!

There is one thing about racism, its ignorance! Racism was handed down generation to generation by people we don’t even know.

God doesn’t approve of racism and anyone who tells you that he does is living in ignorance. All in the bible different ethnic groups lived upon each other so why is it so hard for people to live together in harmony nowadays?

Many people have lost their lives trying to get erase racism from society but according to the looks of it , it wasnt so successful

Racism is everywhere not just in the South(in America, the southern states). The thing about it is that it must end right now!

God created all races equally and he doesn’t tolerate racism at all! He punishes those who do it! What makes people think that their race is the race that is perfect? Ignorance

I live down south and since the Jim Crow Era was down here , I still see that some people don’t want to change their ways even in the year of 2012.

I am AfricanAmerican and I am glad that we have an African -American president but that doesn’t mean that I support him. I am a Republican, but I don’t have all Republican views.

If America would remove racism God would bless us and with his blessings we would rise so high that we couldn’t imagine!

Racism has been going on for centuries not just in the 1960s like th history books try to make it seem like. It is till going in a lot of parts of the world but most of it is sugar-coated.

I’m not just writing this for the heck of it but I’m writing to let us know that we need to remove the old racist mentality not just to get God’s blessings , so we can get along and act like we have some sense!

If you are a racist change your ways in the name of Jesus because that way of thinking is stinking. The crazy part of it is that all racist people are mixed with the race that they don’t care for due to all of the multicultural mixing that took place a long time ago and that takes place now.

The State of the Union

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The State of the Union was awesome! Obama told us things that the news didn’t even report. The congress wanted to quit one industry but Obama the president people seem to hate so much for some reason kept on to it.


He created over 1 million jobs since he has been in their and before he got elected 4 million were lost.


People just amaze me at how negative they can be towards the good things and as soon as he got done speaking the Republicans ( not talking bad about them because I’m one) started talking negative about him!


Come on now people lets come together and put aside our differences! We need to all come together and help rebuild together. The news especially Fox news is so biased and they only support one party group but we need a news station that tells from both sides.

Obama has done so much for this country and for these sorry people, from both parties, to make him look bad they are pathetic.

I can only imagine how their lives are.


Remember do your research before you vote because too many people vote for a person because of their promises they claim they will do but they never do them.