Don’t be deceived

Don’t Be Deceived

For years people have viewed the pope as holy as Jesus but those same people who look at the pope that way are very quiet about the Muslim prayers that were declared within the Vatican.

That’s right you read that correctly the Pope, the guy who is supposedly as holy as Jesus, prayed to an idol god, Allah ! This is nothing but a preparation for the New World Order . They are trying to initiate a one world religion by combining Catholicism and Islam. Another thing that the media has been quiet about is Joel Osteen’s visit with the pope. .

The same pope that prays to false gods is teaming up with the pastor of America’s fastest growing church.  The quote, “The same birds flock together. ” is so true in this scenario it’s scary.  Joel Osteen who is best known for his different type of preaching ideologies is friends with one of the most popular New-Agers and the anti-Christ ( The anti-Christ doesn’t have to be one person anyone who denies Jesus is son of God is the anti-Christ .), Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey , a former Christian , is known for her new age beliefs is friends with Joel Osteen!

It’s nothing wrong with Joel Osteen being associates with Oprah Winfrey but when a known new age occultist beliefs match up with a “pastor’s ” belief  system that’s when we have a problem .

Now let me elaborate myself on what I mean when I say friends. A Christian should do their best to keep friends who are on the same Christian journey as they are on. The reason so many people never make it to the next level in life and/or their Christian journey is because they stay friends with people who continue to drag them down.

If you come in contact with someone who doesn’t believe in God its okay to explain who he is you don’t have to run away full speed when you come in contact with a non-believer. After all Christians are called to be fishers of men.

The name of this post is named , “Don’t Be Deceived” but I’m going to be talking about more than deception.  I try to keep the posts short and sweet but whatever God inspires me to write it must come down on paper.

Now for some reason their have been Christians marrying outside of their religion!  That is something we should never do because The Bible tells us that we shouldn’t be unequally yoked(2 Corinthians 6:14).  If you are an authentic believer in Christ you should know that he will give you the desires of  your heart (If their for your good.) (Psalms 37:4).

To make sure we aren’t being sugar-coated let’s look at the entire verse.  The beginning of  that verse says Take DELIGHT in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Since Christianity has been so tainted with sugar-coated preaching people believe that Jesus is this person who you go to when you need stuff.

That is not true;You are supposed to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and  obey ALL of  his  commandments and then he will give you the desires of your heart. If you have an AUTHENTIC relationship with Jesus then you know he will send you someone of the same religion.  Let’s keep in mind that Jesus only does  heterosexual relationships, Satan does homosexual relationships.

(The image above is an image of Sodom and Gomorrah.)

Many people will be deceived by the anti-Christ and his tactics because they choose to believe that The Bible is a book made up of fables .The part that is so sad about people in America is many people have access to The Bible and they don’t believe it but their are millions of Christians overseas that want The Bible but don’t have access to it ! According to a poll taken by Gallup only 28% of Americans believe the Bible is the actual word of God. Yes you read that correctly only 28% of Americans.

Even demons know that God exists and they tremble at that fact(James 2:19)! Even Satan knows that Jesus is Lord and their is only one God but he will cause a person to question God’s existence. This is why it is very important for Christians to read The Bible (excluding the NIV Bible and the NLT, I have discussed this topic in my previous post but I will talk about it more in my next post) and listen to Christ filled teachings not a sermon that is filled with New Age feel good doctrine.

In Revelations 20:4 it talks about people being decapitated(to have your head cut off) because they didn’t accept the mark of the beast. That verse is talking about anyone who had not accepted Christ before the rapture. The rapture is when all Christians will be joined together in the air to go to heaven while all of the bad things happen on earth(1 Thessalonians 4:7). I don’t know about you but I prefer to be gone with the rapture versus being decapitated for accepting Christ. Why wait and be decapitated for accepting Christ when you can do it right now without being decapitated?

Satan is telling you that you have all the time in the world to get right with God but God tells us in James 4:13-15 that we are nothing but fog (not literally ) and tomorrow is not guaranteed so if God is telling us that tomorrow is not guaranteed why would you put of getting right with God? When I say tomorrow is not guaranteed I mean it’s no promise that you will be alive tomorrow, according to God’s word not mines.

Christians are being killed by the thousands daily overseas as I type this sentence now. You probably think I am exaggerating because you haven’t heard anything about this on your mainstream media “news” .Do you really expect to hear about how bad Christians are being treated on a station owned by Satanists.

Jesus said multiple times in The Bible, “Don’t be deceived.” He knew their would be people who would smile and claim they were sent from God to preach but in reality they were sent from Satan to preach a Christ-less message.It’s almost election time again in Washington and politicians are about to make those same “feel good “speeches that won’t “ feel good” when the truth kicks in. We as Christians have got to start checking these politicians voting records to make sure they are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.Their have been many politicians who once stood against gay marriage and for traditional marriage but they couldn’t take the criticism so they backed down and stood for gay marriage and against traditional marriage.

This country can not and will not survive if we continue going the route we are going now. Some people listen to news outlets like MSNBC and they think we are doing okay but that is a total lie !According to John 8:44 Satan is a liar and he is the father of them. Satan is so good at telling lies he makes them sound like the truth but if you are a child of God you should know the difference between a lie and the truth.

Just because it looks innocent does not mean that it is innocent. If you are a parent or know someone who has children share my previous posts about Disney Channel with them. Disney channel is known their subliminal and occult messages ;It may sound like a conspiracy theory but even the Southern Baptist Convention called Disney out on their pro-gay and anti-family productions .

I realize their are many different religions out their and Disney can’t just choose one  to favor but to attack everything Christianity stands for is wrong and unacceptable!

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Conspiracy Theories,Common Core, Disney Channel, & the New World Order




*Jesus is alive and well and he is the ONLY way into heaven.

*Disney channel has a strong history with the occult and they put subliminal messages in all of their shows , movies, and songs. {If you don’t believe me just Google Disney Illuminati and one million results will appear under 30 seconds. { Galatians 6:7 -“Don’t be deceived .}

*Many pastors especially televangelists are 33rd degree masons which is why the prosperity gospel is so common .

*The creator of Disney Channel was a 33rd degree mason{33rd degree masons view Satan as their God.}

**This is the longest post I have ever done so I have given a few highlights to sort of give you an idea on what this post is all about.

In Galatians 6:7 it says ,” Don’t be deceived , God is not mocked, Whatever a man sows he shall reap.”That verse is very self-explanatory what ever you reap you shall sow and whatever you sow you have already reaped.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence. It's no wonder why these signs are pushed so heavily through Hollyweird.
I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. It’s no wonder why these signs are pushed so heavily through Hollyweird.

That verse also says don’t be deceived.God already knew people would be deceived because their are people on earth that will deceive people but the good news is God sits high and looks low so you can’t fool a child of God! If you have done wrong to a child of God it may look like you have won but while you busy looking behind you laughing you aren’t looking at the storm that lies ahead.

Many Christians today are deceived by false teachings ( Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Prosperity Gospel, Some forms of Catholicism, Satanic principles, etc.). I know someone is reading this and their entire belief system has been shaken up because they were brought up believing things that are tradition but tradition can lead you to hell.


When I say tradition I don’t mean a family picnic you do every year I mean a tradition like worshiping and/or praying to Mary instead of Jesus. Any tradition that can not be backed up by The Bible is directly from Satan therefore it is a doctrine of demons.-1 Timothy 4:1

In 1 Timothy 4:1 it says in the later times people will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful,which means to mislead(lies) others,spirits and teachings of demons . God already knew people would be mislead by world known televangelist,celebrities, musicians, etc. this is why he made sure this verse made it to The Bible.

A lot of people today call themselves Christians but they are practicing a religion that is far from the one Jesus established. For example a lot of people, including myself, watch preachers on television ( I am extremely careful who I watch on TV because everyone who calls them-self a pastor really isn’t a pastor.) but you would be surprised at how many of them are 33rd degree masons( I will discuss the association of 33rd degree masons and televangelists in either part 2 .)The-Obama-deception

I am trying to keep this post sweet and short but I will talk about everything God is putting on my heart to discuss so please bear with me.

33rd degree masons believe that Satan is God so when I say mason I don’t want you to get it confused with the masons who work with pottery.   I know you’re probably thinking , “How can they preach about God every Sunday and worship Satan ?” The answer is simple, “They serve two masters.”

Matthew 6:24 says “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

That verse says it all, ” You CAN NOT serve two masters. Over time The Bible has become like trail mix to some, they take the parts they like and throw the parts they don’t like away.  We as Christians ,especially in the 21st century, need to learn just because someone says God is good and God is love doesn’t mean that person is from God.

If you pay close attention to television you will notice most pastors preach a feel good message ;Very few preach sermons that reflect The Bible. God told us over and over that he loved us but he also made it clear what happens when we don’t obey him.

2 Corinthians 11:4 says ,”For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough.” The Bible is a book that shows God’s love and his wrath so to preach one side of The Bible is to preach a different gospel.

When I look at modern-day Christianity I hear the words do not be deceived.  Nowadays we have so many televangelist trying to make people feel good instead of being good. People are literally going to a “feel good” message that is dangerous to the soul.-2 Timothy 4:3-4

In Galatians 6:7 it says ,” Don’t be deceived , God is not mocked, Whatever a man sows he shall reap.”That verse is very self-explanatory what ever you reap you shall sow and whatever you sow you have already reaped.

A lot of televangelists are misleading millions of people by preaching their doctrine of demons every Sunday and then claiming it came from Jesus. The reason I posted Galatians 6:7 again is to remind you that God is not mocked. When you are a 33rd degree mason you are worshiping the devil and he is the enemy . To worship the enemy and say you’re a messenger of God is major mockery and the reaping that is to come from that will be something they will never forget.

Televangelists ( The ones who are 33rd degree masons) get paid to be quiet{ Now you understand he reason they accept ANY and EVERYTHING }; They get paid to support everything evil . Does it now make sense to you why a pastor would all of a sudden support abortion ? He was paid hush money.

The Masons(The Illuminati Masons) had a list of famous masons and they had Billy Graham’s name on the list and that made a lot of people upset. To make sure it wasn’t real people would call his secretary and ask her if he was a mason.

Lets take a moment here and think. The Illuminati are a group of elitists and it’s members are to keep their membership a secret, some members haven’t done a good job of this and as a result they have been “silenced”, and their members come from many different professions. A secretary’s job is to answer the phone, handle confidential data,do her office duties, etc.

Imagine if you were a secretary and someone called you and asked did your boss belong to a secret society ;Would you know how to answer their question ? A secretary’s job is to handle office duties so he or she isn’t going to know how to answer that question. I can tell you one thing and that is the Illuminati does not put people’s name on lists especially the famous people list.

God told us not to be deceived because he knew people would come along and claim to preach his message when in reality they are preaching another gospel. This is a quote from Billy Graham in 1978 which can be found her e:

“I used to play God, but I can’t do that anymore. I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost – were going to hell – if they did not have the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God – through nature, for instance – and plenty of other opportunities, therefore, of saying “yes” to God. ( James Michael Beam, “I Can’t Play God Anymore,” McCall’s (January 1978): 158, as cited in a pdf by Kurt A. Edwards in a Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy at the Bowling Green State University: on pages 65-66.  

Billy Graham’s deception teachings:

Anybody who says Jesus is not Lord is definitely the Antichrist( 1 John 2:22). People think that their will be just one Antichrist but we just read in 1 John 2:22 that ANYBODY who says Jesus is not Lord is the anti-Christ.Their will be an Antichrist who will force people to get 666 written on their forehead but he is not the only anti-Christ.

If you ever hear anyone say anything that contradicts The Bible they are preaching a doctrine of demons. Some pastors have become cunning by mixing The Bible with New Age doctrine that’s why it is good to know Jesus so you will know his voice.-John 10:27

The world ,especially America, has drastically changed in the past thirty years. Families are no longer made up of one dad and one man with two children; Nowadays you have more divorce than marriage and this is a shame because we are teaching future generations that when the going gets tough quit. I understand in some situations you have to go but in a lot of cases divorce could have been prevented.

Although I wasn’t here thirty years ago I have Google and history books and I see that the decline in America began when we decided we didn’t need God anymore. America used to be a place of morals and values not violence and hatred.The Bible tells us that when Jesus comes back it will be like the times of Noah and each day the newspapers become more and more like the back of The Bible.

If you are saved you won’t have to go through the tribulation period .(The link to all of The Bible verses about the Tribulation Period are below. )

The Tribulation Period will produce the pain of  ten million holocausts combined (literally) ;Their will be hell on earth and anyone who refuses the mark will be decapitated (Your head will be chopped off with an ax, the verse is below.)

“Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” Revelation 20:4  

People think they have time to goof off and play but biblical prophecy is getting more and more accurate so the time to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior is now. I follow a young lady on Twitter and she said something that made a lot of sense,” Accept Jesus now ,before the rapture comes, because after the rapture accepting Jesus will cost you you’re life.”  

Accepting Jesus in today’s society isn’t as cool but this life is only temporary and eternity is forever! Satan knows he will loose that’s why he hates for people to read Revelations because he knows people will get hope in their hearts.



The Illuminati is trying to get the world ready for The New World Order as quickly as they can ,can’t you tell by all of the Satanic movies and TV shows that come on . Disney channel has a lot of history with the occult ,even to this day they Disney is still involved with the occult and they have a lot of subliminal messages on their channel. Please take your time to view the pictures and please note that these are actual pictures none are photo shopped.

download (2)



images (1)
nickelodeon-illuminati the-suite-life-of-zack-and-cody-illuminati tumblr_inline_mm305tywtw1qz4rgp

Rihanna is giving salute to her master , Satan.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

tumblr_inline_mojyfciZB61qz4rgp Little Wayne dressed up as Satan. Not only are his lyrics filthy so are his videos!

This one needs no explanation .
This one needs no explanation .

Self explanatory
Self explanatory

Lady Gaga the same one who said she swears to Lucifer and that Jesus was a king without a crown is on Disney channel , the station your kids USED to watch!
Lady Gaga ,the same person who swears to Lucifer and  said that Jesus is a king without a crown is on Disney channel , the station your kids USED to watch!

Lady Gaga swearing to Lucifer-

I know you probably think I am crazy for saying that but let me explain . Disney has a strong history with the occult and in their shows and movies (Especially Enchanted) the use of magic, occult terms, satanic spells,etc. are at all time high. All you have to do is Google Disney Illuminati and over 1 million results pop up under 30 seconds. I will include images in this post showing you the demonic activity that is going on in Disney studios. By the way Walt Disney was also a 33rd degree mason.

Their is a picture of Jay-Z below supporting Aleister Crowley;His satanic lyrics weren’t enough for him he had to go out and support something like this.He is at a Rihanna video shoot.{“The same type of birds hang out with each other}

Aleister Crowley{The guy who used this quote} who wrote a book on how to kill children to get satanic power and he proclaimed to the world proudly that he ate a woman's feces during bizarre sexual acts that involved worshiping the devil.
Aleister Crowley{The guy who used this quote} who wrote a book on how to kill children to get satanic power and he proclaimed to the world proudly that he ate a woman’s feces during bizarre sexual acts that involved worshiping the devil. He tells his fans to throw up a “Rocker” symbol but actually it’s a satanic symbol.

Don't be fooled because God is NOT mocked.
Don’t be fooled because God is NOT mocked.

The topic of entertainment  industry and it’s involvement in the Illuminati will take at least 30-100 pages but I’m going to try to break it down into a few paragraphs. With the internet being so readily available no one has to be a conspiracy theorists (critical thinker) you can just Google it and whether or not you choose to accept the truth is up to you.


The Beatles have a strong history with the occult especially through their lyrics.
The Beatles have a strong history with the occult especially through their lyrics.

Whenever the topic of conspiracy theories pop up someone asks me if their favorite singer is in it and once I get done explaining it to them their like , ” I need proof!” Even if they did have proof they would be like the other people ,”It’s just a coincidence!”Do you really believe every celebrity throwing up the same sign is a “coincidence?” If you do you are another victim of brainwashing.

Self explanatory
Self explanatory

The thing is the signs (the pyramid) that most celebrities throw up was started by Anton LaVey. Now why on earth would the founder of the “church” of Satan throw up the same signs as celebrities do ?? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he is throwing up the SAME EXACT SIGN as ALOT of celebrities do(Sarcasm). The reason a lot of people don’t want to hear about their favorite celebrity being in the Illuminati is because they don’t want their illusion crushed.  Who would want to admit that the singer they used to listen to growing up was actually signing a song about Satan and demons. {The website below is an information site that is very chilling but at the same time informing . It breaks down how many signers including Rihanna and Beyonce are connected with the occult and have had the mark of the beast VISIBLY in their videos. }

A lot of people to this day don’t want to admit that Michael Jackson channeled spirits. He channeled ancient Nephilim spirits to write his songs and he channeled Lee Liberace one of the most flamboyant gays Hollywood has ever seen.

He said he would lock himself up for days and channel spirits which was a contribution to his sleeping problems. The entire Jackson is involved with the occult so this was no surprise to them . I always tell people feel free to Google what I am saying so you can see for yourself. I will attach pictures of Michael Jackson and other celebrities that are and were involved with the occult.

In Galatians 6:7 it tells us we reap what we so someone who channels spirits is doing nothing but making their own life miserable in the long run. We all know Michael Jackson had several problems while he was here on earth (No I am not judging , I am making a point .) and most of them were caused by him channeling spirits. Michael Jackson wasn’t very open about his religious beliefs but he said he did grow up as a Jehovah Witness which is a cult.

The fact is many celebrities whether you want to accept it or not are involved with the occult. A lot of celebrities are asked about their religion and they will say they aren’t religious they are “Spiritual”. A lot of people often say ,” Why should I even care about the Illuminati that stuff doesn’t exist.”

You should be concerned because the Illuminati is running things in Washington and they are doing their best to make sure their mission gets completed. The Illuminati knows the importance of teaching children their ideologies this is why they have prepared a curriculum called Common Core which is an anti-God , anti-family and anti-American curriculum. If you look at public schools in this present day you will see some of the most obscene behaviors in this world and this is due to the breakdown off the family structure, entertainment(TV shows, games, music, some websites, etc.),the school curriculum, etc.

The Illuminati knows that most households in America don’t have one mom and one dad that are married so it’s even easier for them to push their satanic agenda. In fact feminism ,the beginning of the breakdown of the family structure, was the original plan that was started to breakdown the family structure. They knew they couldn’t get their plan through if their was one mom and one dad in the house so they had to make the woman feel like a man and if you are married you know their can’t be two head of the households. God designed each household for their to be one man ( the head of the household and the woman the caregiver.). ( The link below gives the reader a brief history on how feminism was created by the Illuminati to destroy the family structure.)

The Illuminati loves it when people say they aren’t real because that means they are doing their job at brainwashing people. If it was the year 1800 it would be easy for them to say “It’s just a coincidence but we live in the Information Age so their is no excuse to be ignorant of their propaganda techniques which have been used to transform this country in the past 50+ years.

The Illuminati has an obsession with horus  (the symbol of an eye) which you have seen everywhere .CBS even has a slogan out now that goes like this , ” More eyes for the message.” Authentic Christian’s messiah is Jesus Christ but the Illuminati’s messiah is the Antichrist. In  Zechariah 11:16 it says ,”A fatal head wound will permanently damage his arm and right eye.” According to The Bible verse, the Antichrist’s arm will be completely withered and his right eye totally blinded. Now we see the reasons behind the Illuminati using the all seeing eye symbol so much.

According to Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority , the people rejoice, but when the wicked rules, the people mourn. This explains why everybody is mourning because most of our rulers are wicked and they have too taken an oath to pledge to the New World Order. Recently I saw that were 36 brand new jobs in Maryland in an ice cream factory. Out of those 36 positions 1600 people applied for them; When 1600 people apply for 36 positions that can only mean one thing we are in trouble as country 1

History has shown us that whenever a country has economic troubles people from all educational backgrounds are willing to take any job and that is where we are right now in America. The government will tell you that they are trying to fix the economic problem but in reality they are’t, their trying to make it worse. They know that in order to create a new economy they must crash the current one ,that’s why their spending so much money.

I was reading an article the other day on CSN where they said that the US government pays male prostitutes in Mexico not to get stds. Yes you read that correctly the US government pays people in other countries to do things they should already be doing. They also spent $3 million to help give women in the middle east jobs.

Their spending money that we don’t even have and to make matters worse they don’t even care. Vice President ,Joe Biden, was recently in the news because he and several other government workers managed to rack up a $1 million hotel bill in just two days! They aren’t paying for any of this stuff all of this is coming out of the tax payers pocket . We need a revolution in this country because this country has become to corrupt and it’s getting ridiculous. If I were you I would watch the news very carefully and don’t be fooled by the elitists who use propaganda to brainwash the audience.

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Christianity in today’s culture


According to The Washington Times 32% (2.2 billion people) of the world’s population is Christian .


Before you react to this you must understand that just because someone calls them-self a Christian doesn’t mean they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior (This is the only way to get into Heaven ) . Their are many sects of Christianity and a lot of those sects put more of an emphasis on man made rules than they do God’s rules and this is something we should not do .

In my previous posts I go in detail on how worshiping Mary , the Pope and other Christian figures will lead you to hell. A lot of people particularly Catholics won’t acknowledge the fact that Mary had to get saved just like you and me in the Bible and she publicly acknowledged Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior .(I go more in detail about Mary getting saved in my previous post. )

Mary said in Luke 1:47 that her spirit rejoiced in her savior God . In John 14:6 Jesus tells us that he is the only way that you will get into Heaven so the question of the day is ,”Why are so many people worshiping everyone else except for Jesus ?”

The answer is simple they are following traditions which is the doctrine of demons . People have been told overtime that Mary is just as holy as Jesus and that we should pray to get for guidance . If you have been told that remove that from your head because you have been lied to .

We as Christians need to make sure we don’t get tradition and biblical stuff confused . Tradition is man-made and it won’t get you into heaven . Whatever comes from The Bible (Excluding the NIV version )is true and that’s what should be followed .


Their have been and their are currently religious figures that have and currently preach a Godless gospel . They preach about God’s love which is important but you also must discuss God’s wrath and what it takes to get into heaven . The church had been turned into a business almost with all of these “pastors”(Every person that calls them-self a pastor really isn’t a pastor .) asking people to send in $100 for one cd! I’m not saying anything is wrong with buying Christian resources because I buy them myself but it’s also good to be on the lookout of scam artists .

People have used Jesus name for years to make themselves a big profit but whatever you sow you shall reap (Galatians 6:7) . That verse says ,”Do not be deceived :God is not mocked:for whatsoever a man does,that he also reap. ” A lot of people seem to forget the God is not mocked part but it’s definitely their in The Bible .

When ordering Christian resources such as books ,tapes,posters,etc. be sure the pastor you’re ordering from uses The Bible (excluding the NIV) to back up what he is saying . You would be surprised at how many pastors have created their own “feel good”gospel which is nothing but doctrine of demons . New Agers believe in calling God “the higher power ” and a “direct energy ” so when you hear or see a televangelist team up with a New Ager be VERY weary because according to Proverbs 12:26 the wicked leads the godly astray .

images (1)

Now their is nothing wrong with a Christian sharing the gospel to a New Ager but for a preacher to be best friends with someone who clearly practices the doctrine of demons is crazy . Some people read about the end of tones and freak out but its nothing a believer should freak out about because we will be gone in the rapture before all the bad happens (1 Thessalonians 4:17) .

Emma Roberts flaunting her support for Satan.
Emma Roberts flaunting her support for Satan.
Oprah Winfrey's "mysterious " eyes.
Oprah Winfrey’s “mysterious ” eyes.

Their are going to be preachers who perform miracles but not in the name of Jesus but in Satan ( 2 Thessalonians  2:9) . Yes you read that correctly their will be preachers that will perform miracles but not in Jesus name . If you ever meet a preacher or anyone (God had given us all the power to perform miracles ) who performs a miracle ask them did they perform that miracle in Jesus , Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords ,name ? If they say no then you are dealing with the Antichrist.

Mother Teresa praying to Buddha.
Mother Teresa praying to Buddha.


People are looking for that one Antichrist but the spirit of Antichrist is in a lot of people . To be Antichrist is to be against Jesus . In  2 John 1:7 it says MANY deceivers are entered into the world  ,who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in flesh ;This is a deceiver and Antichrist .

His name is Marilyn Manson and he has openly said that he wants to be known as the guy who put an end to Christianity.
His name is Marilyn Manson and he has openly said that he wants to be known as the guy who put an end to Christianity.
This is clearly the 666 sign. View my previous posts about the Illuminati in the music industry.
This is clearly the 666 sign. View my previous posts about the Illuminati in the music industry.

Anybody who says Jesus isn’t Lord is the Antichrist,it’s that simple . I don’t care if that person makes a cure to world starvation or pays this country debt off entirely if they say Jesus Christ isn’t Lord they are the Antichrist .

It’s very important that people know the difference between God’s word and a false gospel .  A false gospel is anything that goes against God’s word (Just to name a few :Mormons ,Jehovah Witness ,and  some forms of Catholicism ) .

Another thing I want to talk about is the feuding in the church . I’m going to say one thing and one thing only about this situation God’s temple (the church ) was meant for his children ,everyone on earth , to come in and worship him . If you come to church just to start drama then you are causing confusion in church and Jesus will deal with you accordingly .

In the next post God’s Willing I am going to talk about several things so please come back and check for the new post . As of now their are 201 posts on this blog so feel free to read other posts which are updated on a regular basis .

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UPDATED: Mr. Obama, Christianity, Media, and the AntiChrist

This current Administration is the worse Administration this country has ever had . Their have been so many scandals, Obama congratulated the people who ruled Prop 8 illegal and so on.

The Obama Administration is making laws and regulations that will welcome the AntiChrist. We saw what Obama was really about during his first term but for some odd reason people voted for him again. Just because someone smiles doesn’t mean that their intentions aren’t bad.

This economy is so fragile and financial advisers are predicting.another recession. This course borrows $0.45 of each dollar. I will let you do the math, Our country is broke and the US dollar has no value.

But of course their will always be people who claim he is a great president. This Travyon Martin case is distracting everyone from the issues. I send my condolences to the Martin family but their are so many other cases that the biased news doesn’t talk about.

This country needs some serious prayer and its no secret that our president, Barack Obama, has openly admitted that we aren’t a Christian nation although we were founded upon Christian morals.

Please watch the news, Fox news , that is so you can be informed of what really is going on. News outlets such as : CNN,NBC, and other liberal outlets are biased and are controlled by the government.

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Religion & the World

A lot of people think that the bible is just for reading on Sunday mornings but that’s not true.

The Bible is a weapon for Christians, when Satan(the devil) tries to lie to you, you can call out a bible verse and his lie will be defeated with the truth.

Satan tried to tempt Jesus to eat while he was fasting and the devil kept trying to tempt him to eat.

Matthew 4:10

Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord
your God, and serve him only.'”

Jesus who is God’s son knew that no one can get through the father but through me. (John 14:6)

You can’t tell Satan to flee without any biblical knowledge on why he should leave.When I think about it so many people have fallen into different types of temptation simply because they didn’t know how to tell Satan(the devil, the enemy) to flee.

The Devil’s mission is to mess your life up and he hate to see people accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. He is ruthless and he has assistants here on earth(people who worship him and act like him, and demons) .Believe it or not there are people on this earth that worships Satan. Some do it for the money and other do it because they think its cool.

Worshiping Satan wont get you anything and it’s not cool. Satan will try any and everything to keep you off track in life , he will try it through your friends, family etc. that’s why its good to pray !

The Bible tells you that demons do exist and they can be rebuked in the name of Jesus with strong faith. I’ve seen some commercials and television shows where people say that the priest they called couldn’t get the demon out the house.

There is no such thing as that happening unless it’s a hired priest, Satan has no power over God’s word, Satan flees when it comes to prayer, that’s why he hates it.

The Bible gives you tactics on how to protect yourself and your family from the Devil. Dont be frightened by Satan all of these new movies may make it seem like its impossible for demons and evil spirits to go away but when a man or woman of God comes some place to rebuke an unclean spirit (a demon) the demon will end up being defeated because God’s word is effective and it has been effective over 2000 years.

Mindless television shows like Family Guy may make it seem like the world would be better without Christianity but that is a big lie.

When you get a chance look a country that worships another god besides the true God and look at how that country is doing, that’s your proof.God is a good God and if you do your part God will bless you tremendously!

In the bible it was always a culture or group that worshipped idol gods and they would always end up getting defeated or their food supply would go away so they would die of starvation.

When you worship something you are giving it your trust over you life.

I don’t know about you but I worship a God who is everywhere at the same time, he heals the sick, he feeds the poor, he heals the emotionally sick, and a lot of more good things!

The god’s of Islam and Buddhism and other religions have never existed, in person they existed but even in human form they even didn’t have power. It hurts to see millions of people worldwide worshipping Allah .

Muhammad didn’t hear from an angel that was a demon! In the Old and New testament in The Bible when angels would visit people they would come with peace and love, the “angel” that came to Muhammad cam in a violent way.  So since people think that Muhammad heard from Gabriel they are in a demonic religion themselves and the scary part about it is that they don’t even know it.

But that’s where Christian come in at! Christians are supposed to evangelize and reach out not gossip in church on the front row. We are supposed to spread the word of God like there is no tommorow.If you have a friend who isn’t Christian introduce Jesus to the!

Never debate religion because in some cases people have become confused ! Debating and introducing Jesus are two different things.

Islam is spreading all over this world and Christianity is spreading as well, but Muslims don’t believe in abortion(some do) and a lot of Christians do believe in abortion so that’s where half of our future Christian population is going!

America is not a Christian nation like you think it is! A lot of parts of America need Jesus especially up North in the 13th colonies! We should be introducing Jesus to somebody everyday not just on Sundays, if you see someone is having a hard time give them a smile, you would be surprised at what that smile does!

When someone sneezes don’t just sit there like a plastic doll say God bless you an please never have a friend who you don’t even know is saved! If they say that they don’t believe in Jesus and that they never will pray that the spirit of God will come upon them .

I would like to close on the subject of Paganism . If you worship any spirits you are worshipping a demon and that’s something you do not want to go into. I have noticed that people want to believe that spirits are everywhere but they don’t want to believe that there is a God everywhere.

If you aren’t worshipping the God of Issac, Jacob, and Abraham you are worshipping something that is evil and you will not get anything good-by worshipping evil!

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Homosexuality around the world

Leviticus 20:13 “‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

Leviticus 18:22 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.

Romans 1:27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

I don’t know about you but those bible verses and many others show that homosexuality is just plain wrong and sinful so is : lying, judging, gossiping,cheating,stealing,murder,holding grudges,etc.

If you can’t see that its wrong just by those bible verses that means you do not want to see that its wrong. People have many views on homosexuality but the only persons view that matters is God’s not a liberal judge nor any other kind of person in law .

You don’t have to be God to know that homosexuals can’t have children or live normal live because first of all a homosexual relationship is not normal so that takes the normal out of a “so-called relationship” and they can’t have children normally they have to recruit other human beings because they need the vitals which they are lacking in their “so-called relationship”.

This nation as a whole thinks that  homosexuality is OK and that everyone should be treated equally. Everyone should be treated equally but when two homosexuals are looked at as a couple something is deeply wrong with our nation’s moral values.

God is the creator of everything and he already knew that these things would happen. He gave everyone a choice on how to live their life and he told us the consequences of doing certain things.

The true phrase,”God is Love” is so true but a lot of people especially nowadays try to use that phrase to say that God accepts homosexuality.

God does not accept homosexuality and he said that in the bible(Above are just some bible verses about what God thinks of homosexuality and how he will deal with it). Society changes but God does not (Matthew 24:25, Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.).

So no matter what any music artists ,state,law,judge,etc. say God’s law,The Holy Bible, will forever be the same. It may be out of style to apply God’s word to your life and live it out but do not worry about that.

If we just do what we are supposed to do as Christians then God will take care of the rest! I already know that someone will find something wrong with this and I am ready to give you biblical proof (The bible verses throughout this article is really all the proof you need.) .

Gay Marriage

Leviticus 18:22-24

New International Version (NIV)

  22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

Self explanatory right.. If it’s not how clearer can it get?

If it isn’t self-explanatory then you may need to go get check out. God spoke so clearly in Revelations that times like this would come.He said that their would be churches that would be luke-warm and today in America we have too many luke-warm churches.

If you go to a church that has a gay pastor and/or have a pastor that weds gay couples you are attending a Luke-warm church and let me tell you attending a Luke-warm church IS NOT OK.

Everybody that calls themself a Christian should want to attend a strong bible church that is concerned with the Social Issues ,does missionary work, help transforms lives, do community work, and many other great things that God said EVERY CHRISITAN should do.

The Bible is very clear on issues that America for some odd reason don’t want to face. God is good he is real and he loves everybody!

Thats the thing about people they have so many misconceptions about God. God loves everybody on earth but he doesn’t like our ways. People seem to think that just because he doesn’t like our ways he doesn’t like us. When you get saved you are going to transform because Jesus loves

you so much that he wants you to be the best Christian ever.

If you are reading this and you are not a Christian TRY JESUS. He is good , he is the messiah and is your only way to heaven. I’m a Christian because I believe in God and I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior and I know by doing this I will never have to fight another battle alone!

That’s right when you have Jesus you wont have to fight anything along again . Dont worry about proof of anything when you close the eyes for the last time and you are in Heaven forever that’s all the proof you need.

I don’t need proof because I know MY GOD is good and I love him and if you are a Christian and know a non-Christian share this with them please.