You need to know who you are in Christ

Alot of people nowadays don’t know who they are in Christ . They just listen to their friends who most of the times don’t know who they are in Christ either . The problem is we have do many people clueless in who they are their trying to be someone else and that’s a major problem . Jesus has a plan for everybody and when people don’t know who they are they try to fit in . Trying to fit in is not good . God made you as individual not to fit in with people who are trying to fit in with others . If you are called lame font worry because that means that you’re bring yourself . A lot of people say they are being themselves but they are doing things God doesn’t approve of . God is not going to make you something that contradicts his word , The Bible . Just remember its important to have daily conversations with God and remember to spend time with God and have prayer with God .