Its Never Too Late

It’s Never to Late



Alot of people don’t know that its never too late to accomplish your dreams. Tina Turner one of my favorite singers started her solo career in her mid 40s and she is one of the most successful recording artists of all times.


She knew that she couldn’t let her circumstances controls her destiny. Life will always hand us a plate of mystery meats but we have to be willing to find out what it is.


To wait until all circumstances are correct is a bad idea. What I’m trying to say is waiting until everything seems right is a bad idea because everything will never be perfect in life. I know that sounds negative but its the truth. 

When life hands you sweet tea get your sugar out and make it sweet! Satan loves for people to be discouraged. The Bible even says that Satan is only here to kill,steal,take,and destroy like a roaring lion.


I know people who used to be mentally stable but they didn’t know that they could control their thinking. God has given us sound ability over our thinking.


Satan wont be satisfied until we have basically lost our minds. Some people go to counselors and thats fine but if you’re still in counseling after 20 years something is wrong with that. If you are going to counseling you should be making so much process that you are helping someone else with the same issue. 


We should all be making progress thats what life really is anyway in a sense. If you aren’t progressing then what are you doing? For some people it takes longer to recooperate and that is ok, God loves them the same as the person who quickly recovers. A lot of people claim that God only loves people that are squeaky clean but the truth is God loves everyone.


God’s grace has no stops. His mercy has no stops it extends to everyone.


A lot of people have a lot of misinterpretations of God thats why people think that God is mad at them. God loves everyone but he does not want us to stay like we  are.


God has proved to be a legit God through evidence , architecture, etc. In the Bible God talks about giants and they were called Nephilims. Recently Nephilim skulls and bones were found exactly where the bible describes them. Their is so much evidence pointing out that The Bible is a true work from the one and only God.


We live in a secular culture that tries to make Christians look stupid but we are indeed are living in the last days and Biblical prophecy being fulfilled as I type this .


Earlier in this post I gave an example of how Tina Turner was in her mid 40s when she started accomplishing her dreams. The founder of KFC started his business when he was 75. Most people nowadays think that just because they get old that they can quit living the life that God has given them.


That is nothing but a lie society has produced. For everyday that God gives you he wants you to accomplish something . I don’t mean that you have to go out and get a PH.D. but I mean accomplish something. 


Give someone a compliment, pick up litter, fullfil a dream. restore a relationship, etc. Do something dont take a single day for granted because time is a gift that many arent afforded.