Peer pressure

A lot of people nowadays fall into peer pressure. A lot of the times it’s due to the fact that people have low self-esteem. Yes, you read it right a lot of people do have low self-esteem. When a person has a high self-esteem they know they don’t have to do something stupid to get accepted into a certain click or group. The problem nowadays is that people are falling into peer pressure at an all-time high! Then they’re doing stupid things such as drugs and yes pot does count.

If people would just realize that they were created to do much more than smoke and drink our world would improve. If you just jar to drink ask yourself why do you have to drink. If you do it because it makes you feel good you need to find a new activity because alcohol only makes you feel a certain way for a little bit then the next day you’re miserable again! I wish we as a nation would turn to Jesus and leave things like alcohol and tobacco alone. I’m not trying to tell you what to do but if you want to live that type of lifestyle that’s your choice and that type of lifestyle isn’t healthy.So remember to keep Jesus first and he will take you places you would’ve never dreamed of going.


Be Positive 😀😀😀

A lot of people don’t understand that your thought process can determine whether your day is good or bad. For example, if you spend all day focusing on how things went wrong or how your life isn’t good more than likely you won’t have a good day.

A lot of times people are going around complaining about what they don’t have and they don’t realize that they are depressing themselves. As I always say a certain circumstance may make you upset but don’t forget that you were blessed to wake up this morning.

There are people complaining because they don’t make enough money and don’t have a big house but if you turn on the news and look at what’s happening around the world with all the hurricanes and shootings you will see just how blessed you are to have a roof over your head, food on the table and running water in your house .

If you haven’t noticed when you’re depressed and living in the past you start to feel weak and light headed all of sudden that’s no coincidence. The reason you start to feel like that is that you’re using all of your mental and physical energy to focus on the negatives and not the positives.

There is a book by Joel Osteen named Think Better Live Better which gives us a biblical viewpoint on how we can change our thinking patterns which eventually changes our entire lives. There are people out there that don’t fully understand how powerful the mind is and when you learn how to make lemonade from the lemons life throw you, you will be an entirely new person. The link to buy the book is at the very bottom of this post 😀.

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Church denominations

A lot of people don’t know that denominations are man made ideas. Don’t get me wrong if you go to a church that has a denomination as long as that denomination matches up what’s in The Bible you are good but if you’re in a church that teaches things that go against The Bible you need to leave immediately because what they are teaching is doctrine of demons.

I will be doing a series of each major denomination and their beliefs and how it affects people today. Like the Mormon church for example the founder said an angel came to him and gave him information that created the Mormon church. As I said above anything that teaches against the Bible is demonic and evil. The Mormons belief system doesn’t even come close to matching The Bible. In my next post I will give the full history of the Mormon church and how they were founded.

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Living in the last days

It doesn’t take a genius to realize we are living in the last days. The social values in this country are quickly changing and occultic practices are becoming more and more popular among the youth today. With a high unemployment rate and a crime problem that affects everybody everything is becoming unpredictable. Like The Bible says in the end the days will be like they were in Noah’s time .

It’s now socially unacceptable to believe in The Bible and a lot of preachers stand for everything that’s ungodly just to keep their pockets full. Don’t get me wrong it’s not evil to have money but when you put money before souls and people God doesn’t like that. It’s now socially okay for women to have children with their best friend instead of waiting for a husband like God designed. Throughout history whenever the family structure is broken down that’s when we start to have more and more problems.

God does forgive people who have children our of wedlock if you ask him to but God doesn’t want us to make that a habit. Contrary to popular belief every child needs a father in home studies have proved that . God is our provider and creator their is definitely a reason why he tells husband and wife to multiply not best friends. Whenever we to outside of God’s will then we start having the problem that we have in today’s society .

People change overtime but not Good he is the same God as he was when Genesis was written ,he is still healing people and delivering people from demonic forces. God is not to be mocked as we can tell throughout The Bible and throughout history he means exactly what he says.

Their is a movement now trying to discredit The Bible. People are saying The Bible was written by men so it’s not credible which is false. The men that wrote The Bible were inspired by God which means every word of The Bible is true . A lot of times people believe what’s in The Bible they just don’t like to obey the commandments and other rules . Knowing all of this and keeping it in mind their is no wonder why this country is in the condition it is . If we want to fix our country we must first fix the family structure by making sure marriage stays sacred meaning the husband should be the man and the wife should be a woman . When I say man and woman I mean you were biologically born a man or woman not a gender change. Their will be another post coming out shortly explaining this more in detail.

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Christianity In Africa

A lot of people would be shocked to find out that Africa has a lot of connection with Christianity especially before slavery.Most people have been taught that Christianity was forced upon African Americans when in reality it wasn’t.The reason this myth is so popular is because Islam came and dominated Africa so for a long time a lot of people in Africa were Muslim but at the same time Christianity was still there .

Their are groups out in the world that teach Christianity was never meant for Africa due to its ties with slavery but that’s another myth . Their were some slave masters that used The Old Testament part of the Bible to convince slaves that slavery was godly when in reality it isn’t . The Bible is not like Shakespeare you can’t just read it word from word  you have to know the background information of the text to understand it better .

This is why so many people confuse themselves because they read one part of The Bible and take it out of context due to lack of knowledge . Satan tries his best to confuse people because he knows The Bible is full of nutrition that we all need and their aren’t any other books like it.

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Pokémon and it’s Demonic roots 

One of the most popular games known to man kind, Pokémon, is very demonic.  

If you’re like most people you grew up seeing it everywhere, it was on television, kids at school had them in their pockets and lockers and they were all over the internet. Pokémon didn’t really become a national phenom until the game came out a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong Pokémon has always been popular but it became extremely popular even amongst people who have no idea what Pokémon is.  

What most people don’t know is Pokémon is short for pocket demons and if you take the p and o out of Pokémon and replace those two letters with an ad that spells out the demon.

I know that sounds crazy but the background information about Pokémon confirms it.  The creator of the game Pokémon publicly said that he created the game to go against his parent’s and his Christian upbringing. He said when he got older he began to doubt Christianity and find it ridiculous. He even said that a lot of people believe that Pokémon deals with Satanism, Voodoo, and magic and he said he can see why people would think that.

Just by reading that article that was already a confirmation to me that he knew exactly what he was doing while creating the cartoon character and game.  If someone says something about something you create you’re supposed to deny it but he welcomed the statement about Pokémon being demonic with open arms.

This kind of stuff sounds strange to someone who just became a Christians or a nonbeliever because they don’t have knowledge about spiritual warfare and other important topics but this is no surprise for a Christian who has been a Christian for a while.

The sad part is some churches are welcoming this mess with open arms believing it will bring in new members. What some churches have failed to realize is, the church is the light and the world is not so the two can not be mixed.

Have you ever walked into a dark room with a flashlight and the room remained the dark ? Have you ever seen darkness in a room full of light.  This is how the church and the world are; Which is why you can’t have worldliness in the church because it doesn’t mix.

Like the old saying,”There is nothing new under the sun. ” Pokémon applies to that saying, Satan uses the same tricks over and over but with a new look.Satan knows if you can get a child thinking a certain way while their young that can shape then when their older which is why he has his workers working in the entertainment industry.

Just because it looks innocent and colorful doesn’t mean it isn’t evil.

If you know someone who plays this game, has the cards, watches the television show please share this article with them and the link below because there is so much evidence showing what Pokémon true agenda is and it is not to be taken lightly.

Living WILD And FREE

Hello Subscribers ,
It’s been a while since I have last posted so here we are again .😃😃
It seems like this world has gotten crazier since the last time I did a post but it’s just another sign that we are indeed in the last days .
Politics : It’s no secret that this site discusses politics heavily not only because they effect out everyday life but because it has a huge impact on our future generations . Although I usually agree with Republicans more I still agree with Democrats every once and a while . I have always been one to say ,”Vote The Bible ” because it is our responsibility as children of God to be the light of the world according to Matthew 5:14. Any Christian that votes a politician that has a history of voting against Christian policies needs to stop it . When that politician runs for a position of office of course their going to say they stand for a certain issue if they think it will gain them more votes . We as Christians need to vote for politicians who have a relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior and who lives the lifestyle of a believer . ⛪️
Culture: We live in a culture now where Satanism is more popular and fascinating then Christianity. Who is to blame for this ? It’s not just one persons fault it’s been happening year after year but no one has said anything about it . When it became illegal to pray in school that’s when this country took a turn for the worse because we told God that he was no longer welcome in school and every since then every unimaginable thing has occurred in schools , both private and public . Their has been a big push to get prayer back in school and I pray it goes through because this country can’t have another YOLO ( See my previous posts about YOLO and its origin .) generation that only lives thinking about today .
Family Unit : If this country does not turn back to God then the moral decline is only going to get worse . Right now the family unit in this country is totally destroyed and out of whack because some parents think that when they leave the home they aren’t hurting anyone but the truth is the child and future generations will be hurt . This is why their are families with generations full of fatherless and motherless children which can have a bad impact on a child and future generations if left untreated .
For some reason it is becoming popular for unmarried people of opposite genders to live and have children together (Also known as playing house without having the responsibilities of having a family .) . A lot of people particular people between the ages of 18 and 30 think this cool and saves money but in reality it’s nothing but a disaster .
Most times it’s usually the women who end up getting hurt the most in situations like this because a man can easily leave and meet another woman and start a family of his own and act like the woman (and the children they had together )never existed . In a generation where one night stands are perceived as safer and cooler ,situations like this happen all the time and unfortunately things like this are happening more often .
If this nation wants a real solution that will save us money (We won’t have to spend so much money on law enforcement.) the family unit needs to be repaired. I know the family tree of a lot of families isn’t as traditional and structured as it used to be but their are a lot of families that come together and have blended families where everyone comes together peacefully .
If you are in a relationship right now where you are living with someone of the opposite gender and are thinking about having children and you aren’t married then don’t do it . What most people don’t understand is children are a life time commitment . Their are some people that live with people of the opposite gender and they do just fine,usually because they aren’t intimately involved ; But once sex is bought into the situation everything changes usually .
Please read one of my previous post titled ,”Friends With Benefits” to get a better understanding about how sex changes everything:
The media represents a lot of what people see and it usually controls their feelings and beliefs about certain topics , due to the fact that that’s how the brain is set up (It’s set up on repetition .). If you tell a person a lie constantly over and over again even without them knowing it’s a lie they will believe that lie is the truth even if they know it’s a lie they will still believe it more than likely because the brain can’t reject repetition ;Which is a huge way advertisers make millions of dollars off people because if its constantly in your face surrounded by good music and/or pictures you’re more likely to try it . This is why it’s so important for parents to talk to their children so that they can know what is going on in their children’s life .
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