Be Positive 😀😀😀

A lot of people don’t understand that your thought process can determine whether your day is good or bad. For example, if you spend all day focusing on how things went wrong or how your life isn’t good more than likely you won’t have a good day.

A lot of times people are going around complaining about what they don’t have and they don’t realize that they are depressing themselves. As I always say a certain circumstance may make you upset but don’t forget that you were blessed to wake up this morning.

There are people complaining because they don’t make enough money and don’t have a big house but if you turn on the news and look at what’s happening around the world with all the hurricanes and shootings you will see just how blessed you are to have a roof over your head, food on the table and running water in your house .

If you haven’t noticed when you’re depressed and living in the past you start to feel weak and light headed all of sudden that’s no coincidence. The reason you start to feel like that is that you’re using all of your mental and physical energy to focus on the negatives and not the positives.

There is a book by Joel Osteen named Think Better Live Better which gives us a biblical viewpoint on how we can change our thinking patterns which eventually changes our entire lives. There are people out there that don’t fully understand how powerful the mind is and when you learn how to make lemonade from the lemons life throw you, you will be an entirely new person. The link to buy the book is at the very bottom of this post 😀.

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