Living in the last days

It doesn’t take a genius to realize we are living in the last days. The social values in this country are quickly changing and occultic practices are becoming more and more popular among the youth today. With a high unemployment rate and a crime problem that affects everybody everything is becoming unpredictable. Like The Bible says in the end the days will be like they were in Noah’s time .

It’s now socially unacceptable to believe in The Bible and a lot of preachers stand for everything that’s ungodly just to keep their pockets full. Don’t get me wrong it’s not evil to have money but when you put money before souls and people God doesn’t like that. It’s now socially okay for women to have children with their best friend instead of waiting for a husband like God designed. Throughout history whenever the family structure is broken down that’s when we start to have more and more problems.

God does forgive people who have children our of wedlock if you ask him to but God doesn’t want us to make that a habit. Contrary to popular belief every child needs a father in home studies have proved that . God is our provider and creator their is definitely a reason why he tells husband and wife to multiply not best friends. Whenever we to outside of God’s will then we start having the problem that we have in today’s society .

People change overtime but not Good he is the same God as he was when Genesis was written ,he is still healing people and delivering people from demonic forces. God is not to be mocked as we can tell throughout The Bible and throughout history he means exactly what he says.

Their is a movement now trying to discredit The Bible. People are saying The Bible was written by men so it’s not credible which is false. The men that wrote The Bible were inspired by God which means every word of The Bible is true . A lot of times people believe what’s in The Bible they just don’t like to obey the commandments and other rules . Knowing all of this and keeping it in mind their is no wonder why this country is in the condition it is . If we want to fix our country we must first fix the family structure by making sure marriage stays sacred meaning the husband should be the man and the wife should be a woman . When I say man and woman I mean you were biologically born a man or woman not a gender change. Their will be another post coming out shortly explaining this more in detail.

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