Christianity In Africa

A lot of people would be shocked to find out that Africa has a lot of connection with Christianity especially before slavery.Most people have been taught that Christianity was forced upon African Americans when in reality it wasn’t.The reason this myth is so popular is because Islam came and dominated Africa so for a long time a lot of people in Africa were Muslim but at the same time Christianity was still there .

Their are groups out in the world that teach Christianity was never meant for Africa due to its ties with slavery but that’s another myth . Their were some slave masters that used The Old Testament part of the Bible to convince slaves that slavery was godly when in reality it isn’t . The Bible is not like Shakespeare you can’t just read it word from word  you have to know the background information of the text to understand it better .

This is why so many people confuse themselves because they read one part of The Bible and take it out of context due to lack of knowledge . Satan tries his best to confuse people because he knows The Bible is full of nutrition that we all need and their aren’t any other books like it.

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