Pokémon and it’s Demonic roots 

One of the most popular games known to man kind, Pokémon, is very demonic.  

If you’re like most people you grew up seeing it everywhere, it was on television, kids at school had them in their pockets and lockers and they were all over the internet. Pokémon didn’t really become a national phenom until the game came out a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong Pokémon has always been popular but it became extremely popular even amongst people who have no idea what Pokémon is.  

What most people don’t know is Pokémon is short for pocket demons and if you take the p and o out of Pokémon and replace those two letters with an ad that spells out the demon.

I know that sounds crazy but the background information about Pokémon confirms it.  The creator of the game Pokémon publicly said that he created the game to go against his parent’s and his Christian upbringing. He said when he got older he began to doubt Christianity and find it ridiculous. He even said that a lot of people believe that Pokémon deals with Satanism, Voodoo, and magic and he said he can see why people would think that.

Just by reading that article that was already a confirmation to me that he knew exactly what he was doing while creating the cartoon character and game.  If someone says something about something you create you’re supposed to deny it but he welcomed the statement about Pokémon being demonic with open arms.

This kind of stuff sounds strange to someone who just became a Christians or a nonbeliever because they don’t have knowledge about spiritual warfare and other important topics but this is no surprise for a Christian who has been a Christian for a while.

The sad part is some churches are welcoming this mess with open arms believing it will bring in new members. What some churches have failed to realize is, the church is the light and the world is not so the two can not be mixed.

Have you ever walked into a dark room with a flashlight and the room remained the dark ? Have you ever seen darkness in a room full of light.  This is how the church and the world are; Which is why you can’t have worldliness in the church because it doesn’t mix.

Like the old saying,”There is nothing new under the sun. ” Pokémon applies to that saying, Satan uses the same tricks over and over but with a new look.Satan knows if you can get a child thinking a certain way while their young that can shape then when their older which is why he has his workers working in the entertainment industry.

Just because it looks innocent and colorful doesn’t mean it isn’t evil.

If you know someone who plays this game, has the cards, watches the television show please share this article with them and the link below because there is so much evidence showing what Pokémon true agenda is and it is not to be taken lightly.



2 thoughts on “Pokémon and it’s Demonic roots ”

  1. If there’s “so much evidence”, where is it? Pokemon isn’t demonic. The things that happen in the article happen to people who don’t even like Pokemon. Asphurgers and Autism cause hallucinations. So does dehydration and a few other things. I’d *LOVE* to see the video that the creator of Pokemon said that they’re demonic.


    1. The actual video is no longer around but their is so much undisputable evidence. Usually people who are super fans of Pokemon deny the evidence


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