Today’s culture &Christianity

Today’s culture is so obsessed with the occult but they don’t have a real clear understanding of what the occult is. The occult is being advertised as something cool through television , songs and social media but what a lot of people don’t know is they can become possessed by an evil spirit(s) by dealing with the occult .

Did you know by going to a fortune teller you are giving demons a wide door in your life . Fortune tellers work with the devil to get the information that people ask for . Their is a television show on TLC named Long Island Medium which is a show about a woman who is a medium who communicates with the deceased .

Leviticus 19:31 says not to go to any mediums or magicians . A lot of people don’t realize that The Bible is more current than the news it has answers to most of the worlds questions . God tells us not to do things for a reason so when he said that in Leviticus 19:31 he wasn’t saying that just to be saying something he was serious !

When it comes to stuff like that God has a 👉low tolerance 👈 for it ( I’m not saying that he accepts everything else . ) . Exodus 22:18 says don’t allow a sorcery to live .

This doesn’t mean you should go around killing any witches .

In this past year alone I have seen so many demon possession movie trailers that it’s ridiculous . Naturally people are curious about the supernatural but it’s very important that people don’t get into the wrong side of the supernatural (the occult ).

Everybody wants to call themselves a pastor , preacher , prophetesses , youth minister , etc. but the truth is everybody has not been called into ministry . God tells us in 2 Peter 2 1-3 that false prophets are among the people . Just because someone screams to the top of their lungs during a sermon or speak in tongues doesn’t mean that they are called to preach .

1 John 4:1 says test the spirits to see if they are from God . God knew that their would be a lot of false teachers out their claiming to be legit but he warned us millions of years age of this . 2 Peter 2 1-3 warns that people will follow false teachings and choose that over the truth . Doesn’t that sound familiar ?

Their are even secular stations that show a lot of “preachers ” because their messages are so watered down you can’t tell whether it’s Christianity ,a pep talk or a motivational speaker . Today’s culture as a whole don’t take Christianity serious at all . Christians have gotten such a bad reputation because a lot of Christians are living just non believers .

I’m not saying that you are going to be perfect but once you become a Christian their are some things that you aren’t going to do anymore because you are supposed to be transformed (Romans 12:2).

Romans 12:2 says we shouldn’t copy the behaviors of this world but we should be transformed in our thinking. People don’t understand that the battlefield takes place in the mind . The reason a lot of people do certain things is because of their mind . If you are doing or thinking about something that is against God then you know it is of the devil .

Their is a quote that I saw on Instagram that I love it says ,”You can’t be a part time Christian and expect a full time God .” That makes perfect sense but slot of people do that . That’s like working a part time job and expecting a full time paycheck . God doesn’t like part time Christians because he is not a part time God .

Remember that God is not only protecting us from seen dangers buy other is also protecting us from the unseen . No one said that you didn’t have to have a life but give God your all because he gives us his all .

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