Depression and Worrying

Depression is a very controversial topic. When it comes to depression their are a lot of views on it and the causes of it but their is one cause that very few people want to discuss and that is worrying.

Jesus tells us in The Bible that worrying won’t change a thing. You can sit at home and worry about how you’re going to pay your mortgage but at the end of the day that mortgage isn’t going to get paid by you worrying.

So many people spend their entire life sitting around worrying about things they can’t control. When the pressures of life give you trouble you are supposed to pray to God not worry. It’s normal for humans to worry but we must change our frame of thinking and be winners .

I did a post last month about depression and I mentioned how people spend millions of dollars a year trying to find a cure but they become unsuccessful . Your way of thinking can determine a lot.

Whatever mood you are in trace your thoughts from 15 minutes ago and that will explain it all. Their was this doctor who had 10 patients who did an experiment with 5 of them. He told all 5 of his patients to say out loud , “I am getting better and better everyday in every way.  “

The patients that said that everyday healed faster than the patients who took multiple medicines. This goes to show you that you’re thinking is EVERYTHING.

If you think depressing thoughts you WILL be depressed, it’s that simple. A person who thinks and talks negative  will have negative thoughts and a negative life and vice versa.

Satan can’t do ANYTHING without your permission so when you think or speak negativity you are opening the doors to tragedy. Worrying is more like a faith issue than anything because if you have faith in God you will truly know tomorrow is ALREADY taken care of.

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2 thoughts on “Depression and Worrying”

  1. There are two kinds of depression. One is caused by circumstances. This is what you are describing above. The other is unrelated to circumstances. The person is depressed and can not tell you why because the chemicals in their brain are misfiring or missing.
    This depression is the same as other illnesses – heart disease, cancer, MS, etc. It is also is heredity. This disease is medical and needs the attention of a doctor. While it is true that it does not always respond to medicine, often it does, and very well. Medicine makes the brain chemicals work correctly again.
    There is much misunderstanding of these medical facts within the Christian and religious communities. This is unfortunate and dangerous. It also causes untold suffering. Telling someone with chemical depression “Be happy. Don’t worry” is like telling someone with multiple broken legs to be positive. We never would do this!
    Do I believe God could heal chemical depression? Yes, just as I believe he could heal other diseases. However, he also heals through medicine and the medical profession. There is nothing wrong or second best about this. Modern medicine is also miraculous.
    Thank you and God bless!


    1. I would never tell someone not to take medicine ! I’m just trying to get people to explore other options. In fact I believe God has given man the knowledge to make a lot of the medicines that are available now but he never meant for people to depend on them, When I say depend I mean someone who basically abuses medicine. God bless you and don’t forget to subscribe and share this page with others.


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