Christianity in today’s culture


According to The Washington Times 32% (2.2 billion people) of the world’s population is Christian .


Before you react to this you must understand that just because someone calls them-self a Christian doesn’t mean they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior (This is the only way to get into Heaven ) . Their are many sects of Christianity and a lot of those sects put more of an emphasis on man made rules than they do God’s rules and this is something we should not do .

In my previous posts I go in detail on how worshiping Mary , the Pope and other Christian figures will lead you to hell. A lot of people particularly Catholics won’t acknowledge the fact that Mary had to get saved just like you and me in the Bible and she publicly acknowledged Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior .(I go more in detail about Mary getting saved in my previous post. )

Mary said in Luke 1:47 that her spirit rejoiced in her savior God . In John 14:6 Jesus tells us that he is the only way that you will get into Heaven so the question of the day is ,”Why are so many people worshiping everyone else except for Jesus ?”

The answer is simple they are following traditions which is the doctrine of demons . People have been told overtime that Mary is just as holy as Jesus and that we should pray to get for guidance . If you have been told that remove that from your head because you have been lied to .

We as Christians need to make sure we don’t get tradition and biblical stuff confused . Tradition is man-made and it won’t get you into heaven . Whatever comes from The Bible (Excluding the NIV version )is true and that’s what should be followed .


Their have been and their are currently religious figures that have and currently preach a Godless gospel . They preach about God’s love which is important but you also must discuss God’s wrath and what it takes to get into heaven . The church had been turned into a business almost with all of these “pastors”(Every person that calls them-self a pastor really isn’t a pastor .) asking people to send in $100 for one cd! I’m not saying anything is wrong with buying Christian resources because I buy them myself but it’s also good to be on the lookout of scam artists .

People have used Jesus name for years to make themselves a big profit but whatever you sow you shall reap (Galatians 6:7) . That verse says ,”Do not be deceived :God is not mocked:for whatsoever a man does,that he also reap. ” A lot of people seem to forget the God is not mocked part but it’s definitely their in The Bible .

When ordering Christian resources such as books ,tapes,posters,etc. be sure the pastor you’re ordering from uses The Bible (excluding the NIV) to back up what he is saying . You would be surprised at how many pastors have created their own “feel good”gospel which is nothing but doctrine of demons . New Agers believe in calling God “the higher power ” and a “direct energy ” so when you hear or see a televangelist team up with a New Ager be VERY weary because according to Proverbs 12:26 the wicked leads the godly astray .

images (1)

Now their is nothing wrong with a Christian sharing the gospel to a New Ager but for a preacher to be best friends with someone who clearly practices the doctrine of demons is crazy . Some people read about the end of tones and freak out but its nothing a believer should freak out about because we will be gone in the rapture before all the bad happens (1 Thessalonians 4:17) .

Emma Roberts flaunting her support for Satan.
Emma Roberts flaunting her support for Satan.
Oprah Winfrey's "mysterious " eyes.
Oprah Winfrey’s “mysterious ” eyes.

Their are going to be preachers who perform miracles but not in the name of Jesus but in Satan ( 2 Thessalonians  2:9) . Yes you read that correctly their will be preachers that will perform miracles but not in Jesus name . If you ever meet a preacher or anyone (God had given us all the power to perform miracles ) who performs a miracle ask them did they perform that miracle in Jesus , Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords ,name ? If they say no then you are dealing with the Antichrist.

Mother Teresa praying to Buddha.
Mother Teresa praying to Buddha.


People are looking for that one Antichrist but the spirit of Antichrist is in a lot of people . To be Antichrist is to be against Jesus . In  2 John 1:7 it says MANY deceivers are entered into the world  ,who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in flesh ;This is a deceiver and Antichrist .

His name is Marilyn Manson and he has openly said that he wants to be known as the guy who put an end to Christianity.
His name is Marilyn Manson and he has openly said that he wants to be known as the guy who put an end to Christianity.
This is clearly the 666 sign. View my previous posts about the Illuminati in the music industry.
This is clearly the 666 sign. View my previous posts about the Illuminati in the music industry.

Anybody who says Jesus isn’t Lord is the Antichrist,it’s that simple . I don’t care if that person makes a cure to world starvation or pays this country debt off entirely if they say Jesus Christ isn’t Lord they are the Antichrist .

It’s very important that people know the difference between God’s word and a false gospel .  A false gospel is anything that goes against God’s word (Just to name a few :Mormons ,Jehovah Witness ,and  some forms of Catholicism ) .

Another thing I want to talk about is the feuding in the church . I’m going to say one thing and one thing only about this situation God’s temple (the church ) was meant for his children ,everyone on earth , to come in and worship him . If you come to church just to start drama then you are causing confusion in church and Jesus will deal with you accordingly .

In the next post God’s Willing I am going to talk about several things so please come back and check for the new post . As of now their are 201 posts on this blog so feel free to read other posts which are updated on a regular basis .

Feel free to comment ,rate and like any posts you see, I would appreciate that  and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you can get an email letting you know when a new post had been posted . God bless you for reading this and I pray you have a wonderful week .


20 thoughts on “Christianity in today’s culture”

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  8. Dear Jeremy – I rejoice that your name is in the Lamb’s book of Life, that He knows you by name, that you are His.
    There is no doubt, there is a lot of false religion, false teaching, false thinking. It is good to expose it for what it is.
    Maybe this was the subject of another blog but what is wrong with the original NIV? (Except here and there the translation is a little off.) Or do you mean the current NIV? I also am leery of the newer published NIV. The thing is however, someone once asked me, Can you use the new NIV to lead someone to Christ? If so, then are we splitting hair? Great question! I knew forgot it.
    I have one more question. What is that reason for the very large print? Maybe WordPress wasn’t cooperating with you? Regularly, I find this a difficult site to work on.


    1. Most NIV bibles(Especially the current ones .) have been changed to accommodate the “New International World” so I just prefer to stick with the New Kings James Version (Old Version ) and the English Standard Version (Old Version ) .

      If someone has been bought to Christ with the NIV I would recommend that they get an English Standard Version or a New Kings James Version (Old Version ). If they prefer to use a NIV Bible that is the older version make sure that all the verses are all the same .

      I use the large print to make sure everyone can read everything but since its causing some issues I will definitely look into decreasing the font .

      Thanks for commenting I appreciate that feel free to comment some more and God bless you .


    2. Thank you for the suggestion for people brought to Jesus using the NIV. The person who said this to me brought many people to Jesus. I have only brought a few. I had nothing to say to his comment about my concerns over a new translation but your idea is a good one.
      As far as the large print goes – it may keep someone from reading your blog, which would be a shame. You have good things to say! 🙂


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