The Condition of America

He (Obama) told millions of Americans that if they like their plan then they can keep their health plan .

America ,”The land of the free” has adopted some of the most socialistic principles ever in history . This is not something that should come as a surprise to us because he has both a strong socialist and communist connections .

In Sean Hannity’s book ,”Conservative Victory” he gives the reader a long history of Obama’s family and he shows the reader how Obama has been trained by some of the most extreme socialists in history . This has played a huge role in both his leadership and policies .

One of the most controversial things he has ever done in his years as president is create the Affordable Healthcare Act known as “Obama Care.” He told millions of Americans that if they like their plan then they can keep their health plan . Well months after repeating that people quickly found out that they couldn’t keep the plans that they like because of the law itself .

Millions of people received cancellation notices and the people who have signed up for ObamaCare have found out that their premiums are being raised by more than 30%. As a matter of fact their was a couple who voted for Obama and now they can’t afford their insurance due to extra out-of-pocket costs .

Obama has exempted most of his political friends in Washington that it shows that he knows ObamaCare really is a disaster .

Most Americans now know that ObamaCare is truly a disaster but you still have those out their despite the evidence that still support it . I know I have spent a long time talking about ObamaCare but if this bill isn’t defended then this country as we know it will be different in the future .

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