Has the GOP given in ?

The GOP has been known for supporting less government , fiscal responsibility ,and for being patriotic but lately it seems they have being doing the opposite . John Boehner has not been standing up for conservative principles lately instead he has being more of a liberal . John Boehner decided to give up when it came to the debt ceiling raise now leaders of various conservative groups are launching petitions to have him fired due to his bad decisions he is making .


This country is still going through a huge debate on wether or not ObamaCare should get passed and wether or not all parts of the law should remain the same .According to a recent poll only 15%of independents and 7% of conservatives think that Obama is running the country the correct way(This survey was taken based off of 1,006 voters) .

An interesting part of the survey was that 62% of Independents and 81% of Republicans think that Obama is providing too many services to the public . Our debt ceiling was recently raised but what most people don’t understand is that all of these services are being paid for by tax payers .

This country is in the biggest financial hole citizens have ever seen and what makes it worser is Obama and his family keep going on vacations that are costing tax payers a lot !


The article above may not be the most recent article but he frequently takes vacations so these costs are frequent . Whenever I think about how this country is failing economically I think back to Mr.Obama taking 17 day vacations on the tax payer’s expense .


Obama knows Americans are getting fed up with all of this corruption so he has delayed another part of ObamaCare for “political ” reasons of course .

Since his approval ratings are low due to his failing policies and socialized healthcare bill he is doing everything in his power to try to make sure Democrats win the 2014 election .This is the primary reason Obama has postponed another part of ObamaCare because he knows that ObamaCare is a disaster .

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