Thanks and Update!

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I am going to ask one thing from all of my readers and guests ;And that is to share this blog with many people as you can . 

I am trying to get more readers in different states, different countries, etc. I would like to have 1,000 readers in a day ! I know that sounds unrealistic to some of you but I believe with some teamwork we can quickly accomplish this goal and don’t forget to share this blog on your social networks.

I hope you all have read my newest post titled, “Is the Illuminati Real?” I worked on that post along time and according to my statistics page some quite a few people (more than 20 ) have read it and I appreciate that. A whole ago I did a post talking about how Christian Aguilera was nude and I talked about how she was making her self look bad by posing nude.I never meant for that post to be a hit but according to the statistics its a hit! More than 200 people have viewed that article and I am glad, I hope music artists particularly females learn that they don’t have to be a prostitute to the world to make a couple of bucks,

Also when you get a chance please add me on Facebook my name on Facebook is the same name that is on here and when you send a friend request on Facebook please tell me who you are so I can know to add you.While we are on the topic of Facebook I am thinking about starting a Facebook group named Critical Thinkers(I will talk more about this during the next post.).

I am planning on doing a post named the ,”Degradation of the Family and Culture in America” .I am very excited about doing this post because it will sort of fill readers in why we as America are in the situation were in now.

If you have not subscribed to my blog please subscribe and in the future I may start doing newsletters so please be on the lookout!

Don’t forget to share my blog with family,friends,associates,etc.

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Until next time,God bless you!






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