Conspiracies vs Facts 

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For these past couple of weeks I have been searing for online jobs but I have kept running into these jobs where you have to pay some sort of fee. Alot of people nowadays are falling for scams online but the common sense thing of the working online program is if you have to pay to work more than likely its not legit. I have ran into so many programs where I have to give them $30 for the “Secret “formula to make millions; This is nothing but another scam but here is where I need your help.

I am trying to find an online job that is legit and that doesn’t require any start-up fees or monthly fees.Please list any recommendations you have it will be a big help. Also I am working on three different articles because if you have remember I was supposed to do a Conspiracy Theorist post two weeks ago!! I am working on two post named Individuality and The Degradation of Family Life and Society. I am also working on my Conspiracy Theorist which will be out by next month by Christmas at the rate I am going!

Between applying for jobs ,doing school work, and blogging I have been very busy ,probably not to outsiders, but I know I have been busy.Please don’t forget to give me some recommendations and please share my posts with family and friends I would like for my blog to get more views.

I don’t have a Doctoral degree in English but I try to offer something unique to readers to make them want to read my blog daily. I have so many posts that you could probably read my blog for half a year counting all of my old posts. This is just a wait and see process of when and where I am going to post but to give you a taste of what my conspiracy theorists blog is going to be about I am going to upload some photos and please tell me what you think of them.

I want to see what is your opinion on all of these celebrities “coincidentally” throwing these signs up.

Also I am going to upload a photo showing you how to recognize organic grown fruit and dangerous fruit with cancer causing chemicals.


Please leave a reply I would love to see what you think,

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