Christina Aguilera Poses Nude

It is such a shame that these entertainers feel a need to have to do this. Personally I think they have low-self esteem and they just use these ads and pictures to cover up for it. If you look at music legends such as :Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand , etc. you will see that they had talent but never felt a need to do something like this. They may have dressed a little revealing at times but they were not nude like this.

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Britney strips during her concerts and Christina Aguilera strips for advertising photo shoots. And so it goes, the pushing of the advertising envelope. Aguilera will reportedly appear nude in an upcoming ad for Virgin Mobile. Aside from the oddity of having a nude model in an ad for a company with the word virgin in it, the hottie has requested that the ad shoot be a closed set so she can reveal herself to as few people as possible. Perhaps Aguilera hasn’t realized that ads appear in magazines and millions of people see them.

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