Publishers will be able to use Amazon’s new ebook bundling feature for short, limited-time promotions


Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that ebook promotions could be offered through MatchBook for as short a time as one day. In fact, Amazon hasn’t committed to the exact length that these promotions could be. 

In addition, it is unclear how easy it will actually be to add and remove books from the program. But a Kindle MatchBook FAQ for self-published authors notes that authors can “enjoy the flexibility of setting a Promotional List Price for your book,” that they can “un-publish and re-publish your Kindle MatchBook title at any time,” and that, to un-enroll a book from MatchBook, “Select the title you want to opt out of the program and un-check the box labeled ‘This title is enrolled in Kindle MatchBook. Uncheck to opt out of the program.'” This makes it sound as if the process is pretty easy, at least for self-published authors.

Publishers have…

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