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  Your Mind


Everyone knows that their mind is a powerful thing. You can be in a room full of people and feel alone but you can be by yourself and feel that you have many friends.


A person that has no mental illness can start thinking crazy thoughts and become a serial killer. I’m not saying that people become serial killers because of their thoughts but thoughts can lead to things like that.


So many people don’t know how to manage their thinking that’s why they feel that their life is such a disaster. Satan doesn’t want you to manage you’re thinking, he wants you to think wild and un natural. You are what you think , if you think thoughts of peace you will have peace but if you do the opposite you will get the opposite.


Your thoughts can lead to words and your words can lead to actions.


               Your Words and Actions


I feel a strong urge to do a post on Thoughts, Words, and Actions. So many people don’t know that what you say controls everything.


Alot of preachers nowadays are preaching that your words have created power and that is true. Some people call this teaching false prophecy but in reality it’s not. So many people are saying things that are bad and they wonder why their life is in the condition it’s in.


The Bible says the power of life and death is in the tongue. One time Jesus touched a fig tree and said this tree shall not bear anymore fruit. The fig tree never grew anymore fruit. 


When Christ died on the cross and rose the third day he received all power over death and hell. We have the power to speak victory and/or death over our lives. Some people think Christians should live the barely get by lifestyle.


The Bible says Jesus owns everything! Our Savior owns it all and if we pray to him (Jesus)with a humble heart and obey rules and commandments he will give us the desires of our heart.


Some preachers like to preach the poverty gospel. They don’t want to be labeled as a prosperity gospel . Prosperity preachers aren’t great either because they give a false sense of Christianity.


That’s why it’s good to read the Bible so you can distinguish a false prophet from a true Godly preacher.


In Medical Europe priests used to tell people that they had to pay in order for their sins to be forgiven. That is a false doctrine but The Bible want available like it is nowadays and alot of people were illiterate so they were easily manipulated.


People have talked themselves out of healing, financial help, a good marriage just by speaking bad words. 


Perhaps you may be one of these people. God was just about to send you a brand new job but you said in your mind you will never get a job because you aren’t qualified enough.


If you have done this you can turn it around. You can pay to God and ask him to forgive you for speaking death. God is a forgiving God and some people try to take advantage of that.


People in the Bible lived lives just the way we live them today. Their was a man who set by for 38 years waiting for someone to help him( the pool of Bethesda) . That case is similar to the one nowadays. People expect the government to fix everything but the government can only do so much.


Half of the promises the government make they don’t intend on doing them. We as Christians must use our gifts and abilities to help one another ; That’s why God gave us spiritual gifts so we can help one another.


We can’t depend on the wicked or any one else as a matter of fact.Christians are supposed to be the light of the world. When you turn on your light bulb and light comes out it immediately drives out the darkness. It never blends with the darkness and that’s the way Christians should be.


We should have the lowest divorce rate, the latest homicide rate, etc. God expects v us to be leaders especially in wicked times like this. Their will be Christians who claim  they live a Christian lifestyle but their actions will say otherwise.


People have been hypocrites since the beginning b of time. In the Bible Jesus told the Pharisees that even  the prostitute would enter into heaven quicker than them. They had a religious type of attitude that was contradictory to the life they were living. I’m not saying that being religious is bad but if you are religious practice what you preach.


Their are way too many hypocrites nowadays and they are giving Christianity a bad name. Some pastors nowadays are living a contradictory lifestyle. I’m not saying that they are going to be perfect but they should be the leader of their church .


Christianity has over 240 denominations and each one of them has their own view. The Bible is the only thing that a church should be going by so if a church is going by a set of man made rules it’s FALSE PROPHECY .


Jehovah Witness is a denomination but their not Christians. Their Bible has been edited so many times that the truth has been watered out. Even nowadays current NIV translations have removed Jesus and God from some Bible translations because some people find that offensive.


If you take out the main subject out of any subject then you just have a bunch of words. To take out God and Jesus out of The Bible is to water the whole thing down.  People just don’t know how important it is to start your day off with the Bible.


If Satan can get you to think negative thoughts he can control your day and if you give him any space to run your life he will have you living a life full of misery.


That’s why it’s important to start your day off with the Bible. If you want to live a life of victory then you should start your day off with the Bible . Alot of people read things like USA Today,TMZ Gossip, etc. Nothing is wrong with reading the news but make sure you have something that will feed the soul.


Alot of people in America eat up to two meals a day but most people are starving spirituality. By the time something happens to them they are caught up and they don’t know what to do but react crazily. The world would be a better place if people would start their day of with the Bible.


The mind is a powerful thing and many people unfortunately leave this earth without knowing how to master their thinking. The people who know who to control their thinking like a victorious life. They have problems but they live a victorious life.


This has been one of my longest post and I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to share this with friends or families . If you ever want to use any materials on my blog please feel free to email me at : jeremyrw@live.com and I will answer back immediately.


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