OT: Freelance frugality

Thoughts On Translation

I’m not normally one to talk about personal topics on my blog, but a few people e-mailed me about my last post, asking how the Thoughts on Translation household lives so cheaply. Given that financial management is an important part of making it as a freelancer, I thought that this question merited an OT post.

I feel well-qualified to write this post; I’ve been called cheap, a tightwad, quasi-Amish…one of my sisters-in-law even referred to me once as having “thrift issues.” But I can tell you this much: frugality works. Here at Thoughts on Translation, we carry no debt except our mortgage and we expect to have that paid off within 3 years, at which point we’ll start saving toward some level of financial independence (a term we find more uplifting than “early retirement”). The mantra of my favorite personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly, is “Do what works…

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