UPDATED: Mr. Obama, Christianity, Media, and the AntiChrist

This current Administration is the worse Administration this country has ever had . Their have been so many scandals, Obama congratulated the people who ruled Prop 8 illegal and so on.

The Obama Administration is making laws and regulations that will welcome the AntiChrist. We saw what Obama was really about during his first term but for some odd reason people voted for him again. Just because someone smiles doesn’t mean that their intentions aren’t bad.

This economy is so fragile and financial advisers are predicting.another recession. This course borrows $0.45 of each dollar. I will let you do the math, Our country is broke and the US dollar has no value.

But of course their will always be people who claim he is a great president. This Travyon Martin case is distracting everyone from the issues. I send my condolences to the Martin family but their are so many other cases that the biased news doesn’t talk about.

This country needs some serious prayer and its no secret that our president, Barack Obama, has openly admitted that we aren’t a Christian nation although we were founded upon Christian morals.

Please watch the news, Fox news , that is so you can be informed of what really is going on. News outlets such as : CNN,NBC, and other liberal outlets are biased and are controlled by the government.

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