Intiminating and Habbits

People who dont have their own personalities(I will explain later ) are known for intimidating other people.

People who dont know who they are in Christ try to copy off others but God didn’t make you to act like others.

If he wanted you to be someone else he would have made you someone else. So many people are confused about who they were meant to be because they don’t have a relationship with God.

He wont just tell you bluntly but he will give you some sort of idea.God never says anything that contradicts The Bible.

When we try to imitate people we sometimes pick up their habbits. If someone tries to imitate a thug then they will pick up thuggish behavior. What we say and do affects a huge part of our life.

What people don’t understand is that that our words have created power and we must watch the way we use them. This is why some people live a victorious life and some live the opposite type of life. If someone is a positive thinker and talker they will live a victorious life but.vice versa they want live a victorious life.

Our words are like seeds and the rest is done by nature basically. I don’t know about you but I want plant good seeds.  Some people say they don’t believe this principle but if someone complimented you ,you would be happy.

This is a great principle to learn and practice and I recommend you try it.

Please let ne know what you think about this post and please feel free to apply this principle and let me know if it worked.

Another thing I would like to include in this post is that there is so much negativity around that people get easily discouraged but if people would be positive people would be encouraged and God knows people need encouragement nowadays.


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