Justin Bieber ,Amanda Bynes, & the condition of this country

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Justin Bieber . He is on every news station and he is known for his outrageous behavior. Justin Bieber has been going down a spiral for now and he is getting worse and worse. He was just talking about how is so religious and how Jesus has had a huge impact on his life. He was founded by Usher and he hangs around a group of people that act out violently. 


He posted a video of himself getting high on Instagram and his neighbors were complaining about how his friends were driving really fast around his neighborhood. Everyone knows whoever you hang around has an impact on you. 


Justin Bieber makes money off of his vocal cords so if he was really smart he would take care of his vocal cords so he can continue to make money. Almost every music star that has a drug problem started off with using marijuana. If Justin Bieber doesn’t get his life together he will not be known and people won’t buy his records. 


Now I want to talk about Amanda Bynes.


I used to watch her show and I loved it and when she acted in movies she would be the star of the movie. When God gives us a gift we should use it and thank him for it. Amanda is also going down a spiral and if she doesn’t get her stuff together she will be either dead or in a rehab center. I don’t wish these things on people but children are looking  up to these celebrities and children need to know that these kinds of behaviors aren’t ok.


This country was founded on Christian morals and we need to get back on track. God has alot of mercy and grace but he will not keep tolerating behavior like this. A while ago a famous evangelist named Billy Graham said that if God doesn’t punish America he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gommorah. 


Athiests are quick to say if God is so loving why would he punish us. If  Athiests and non believers would read the bible they wouldn’t have to ask questions like that. God keeps giving us chance after chance but it’s like we like to test his patience.


Pray that God heals this world that’s one of the best things to do. Please read my post named Donation and please make a donation if you’re able to. 


God bless you and please share this post with many others. 


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