Cooler Temperatures and Rain Chances Possible

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Although there are storms across the area and clouds in the sky, today was the 5th day of 100° temperatures.  This is the 3rd day in a row with temperatures above 100.

Currently across North Texas there are scattered storms from Breckenridge to Tyler to Sulphur Springs.  From now till 10 tonight, most of the rain chances will stay to the east of the Metroplex, towards Paris and Sulphur Springs, with some chances to the northwest of the Metroplex near Bowie.  Check the radar here, anytime of day.

NTX Rain Chances11


Across Texas, there are 139 counties under Burn Bans.  These counties are not allowed to burn anything outside.  This includes firewood, stoves, and fireworks.  North Texas has over 10 counties that are under burn bans including Erath, Navarro, Parker, and Hill counties.

burn bans


A large portion of the Burn Bans are due to the ground being so dry, not enough water in…

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