Church Attendance ; Hypocrisy ; Christianity

In every state I have been on their are churches on every corner and that is a good thing . Not every church preaches the true gospel ,some churches water down the gospel while some churches have completely abandoned the Gospel.

Some people say they don’t go to church anymore because of hypocrites. Hypocrites are people who say one thing but do the opposite.

To stop going to church because of someone else’s behavior is not smart and its an excuse. Each person has their separate relationship with God and what they do with is between them and God but to stop going to church because of someone else’s behavior is insanity.

God doesn’t stop waking us up in the morning because of someone else’s wicked behavior. For people who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and savior watch people who call themselves Christians. Their are so many carnal Christians in the world that they are giving Christianity a bad name. Christianity uses the Bible as the religious text.

The Bible is the only religious text that has results. Their is only one God and that God is in heaven. Any one who calls themselves God isn’t right.

God has the world in his hands. The world is big so we know we serve a mighty and powerful God because what kind of God can hold the entire world in his hands???

People always say if God is so good why does he allow things like cancer and death to happen. God doesn’t give people cancer or cause them to die. God calls people to heaven not take them away that’s a huge difference.

People who use excuses not to go to church just don’t want to go and those are the people who are always looking for more in life. I’m not saying going to church will make your life perfect but it will help , trust me. Life wasn’t meant to be easy and good and if your life is good and easy don’t take it for granted.

People are worshipping false gods because they think their life will get better. News flash it won’t. For Christians death shouldn’t be a scary thing because we know that after death we will live in eternal peace. For an atheist or a person in any other religion , they should fear death because they will spend an eternity without God and an eternity without God is a scary one.

The Bible says non believers will burn in the lake of fire and they will never burn completely they will be burned over and over again. Christianity is the easiest religion plus we worship a true and living God.

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God bless you for reading this and I pray you have a nice day.

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