Your Parenting Styles

*Your Parenting Styles

A lot of parents don’t know that their children take after them. Parents who drink alcohol usually have children who drink alcohol.

Whether people want to admit it or not children take after their child. The Bible says raise a child in the way you want your child to grow up. If you want your child to grow up to gangster views let them listen to hip hop.

Whatever we as humans watch or listen to takes root in us.

As a parent you should be very careful what you let your child watch or listen to. Especially nowadays as technology advances parents have to do more to make sure their children are viewing appropriate materials. In 1950 it wasn’t that hard to monitor what you’re child viewed but nowadays their are many technical devices that show many type of things such as pornography, use of drugs , etc.

Parents should keep track of what their children listen to and watch. God puts a huge responsibility on parents because each child is another generation and God knows we need a good generation.

God doesn’t need parents to be their children’s friends. He needs parents who are going to do their job. Their are far too many children who haven’t been raised in traditional homes and as a consequence of that their is an Imbalance in their life.

Men who didn’t have a father in their life have an emotional wound inside ,unless they have accepted their situation and talked to God. Sometimes men who didn’t have a father in their life ended up being homosexuals or they have a lot of flamboyant characteristics.

This situation doesn’t apply to every fatherless male. Just because a woman doesn’t grow up with a mother doesn’t mean that she will grow up being a lesbian.

God designed every household to have one man and one woman. Both of them should be married, why on earth would a man and man be married when they can’t produce a child. God designed man and woman not man and man.

When a person has the Lord in their life their is less and less mess is in the household. If you’re parent cursed and was abusive and you received the Lord more than likely you would be a better parent.

God knows parenting isn’t easy that’s why he has left an instruction manual that explains how to do everything the PROPER way and that book is named The Bible.

God is good and he has alot of mercy .

Thanks for reading this, please share it with many people as you can and may the Lord bless you.


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