A lot of people think that people have their own ideas when in reality we get all of our ideas from God . Evil ideas do not come from God they come from Satan .

A lot of people think that people are just naturally smart but the truth is knowledge comes from God . God gave man the knowledge to make things such as electricity , IPods, IPads , etc .

Even if the person isn’t a Christian God is still gracious enough to give them knowledge . People nowadays don’t even realize this .

If God never gave us knowledge we would have nothing . Their are different type of knowledges and they are all important .

Their are people who can understand poetry better than others and their are people who can understand high level Calculus.

God gave us everybody different type of knowledges so we could all have something for each other to share .

Knowledge is one of the many skills God has given us . Everybody has a certain talent that is useful for everybody . Some people let their talents destroy then and that’s what God doesn’t want to happen .

The sad part is so many people just become content with life and they don’t realize that God gave them talent(s).

My advice to you is to find out what you’re good at and PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE ..

When God comes back down on earth he is going to want to know why didn’t you use your talents he gave you .

People don’t pay attention to the many talents that are out their . Some people including myself are great at cleaning things .

They know where to put things and they know how to organize things . That’s not wisdom that’s talent ..

People should take the time to see what talent they have . Who knows you may actually enjoy it .


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