The Illuminati ,The Music Industry , God , Jesus , and Satan

*The Illuminati , Music Industry , Satan , etc.

I’m sure we all are familiar with terms such as Illuminati and Freemasons . In the music industry many artists have openly admitted to selling their souls to the devil to get fame , money , drugs , sex , etc .

In the Bible God said what good is it to gain the entire world and loose your soul . You see the bible is 100 percent true and everything in the bible is accurate and way ahead of time . The bible has information that would give people a peace of mind immediately .

I have done an abundance of research on both the illuminati . If I’m not mistaking the Freemasons has a lot of similarities with the Illuminati . The Illuminati which is a sermon by John Hagee ( Its on YouTube , look it up , it’s filled with information ) and Ex Ministries which is down in Dallas , Texas talks a lot about it . ( Ex Ministries is also on YouTube if you look it up ) .

The illuminati has a plan and the plan is for a New World Order ( does this by any chance sound familiar ) . They want a one world currency and a one world government ( the antichrist ). Recently the Catholic Church called for a one world government to straighten out all of the problems .

People may think the One World Order will fix the world but it will do the opposite .The Illuminati controls most of the entertainment industry ( The Illuminati is made up of Satanists and Atheists ) and you wonder why the commercials , music , etc is SO sexually explicit .

It says in the bible many will be left behind during the rapture . Sure people will still have a chance to accept Jesus but why not do it before the rapture because after all the Christians are gone the church is gone . The church is the light and once the light is gone darkness takes over .

Everything that will happen after the rapture will make Adolfo Hitler look like a choir boy .

My point for mentioning the rapture is to mention that although people have been warned over and over again they will still require proof .

This is the same thing about the Illuminati . The Illuminati mostly uses triangles and an all seeing eye . Both of those images are evil , the triangle represents satanic things .

If you remember this years Super Bowl half time performance you know exactly what Im talking about . Beyonce , the half time show performer , threw up an Illuminati sign up during her performance and her fans threw it up to .

Many artists throw this sign up and they tell their fans to throw it up . A famous rapper named Jay Z tells his fans it’s the rocker sign . He is deceiving his fans .

Many people have no idea what is going on around the world . Many artists do the one eye imagery and people think its cute how sad.

Many professional DJS have rewind end songs and it turns out artists were singing about the devil .

So many people listen to songs and they don’t know what they mean . For example in one of Jay Z songs ( I don’t listen to Jay Z) he said life begins when the church ends .

In another one of his songs he said he can make Jesus walk .

People call themselves Christians but they listen to things like that .

I recently found out that Michael Jackson channeled spirits in order to get his songs . He said he built a room of mirrors in his house to channel spirits to get songs .

He said one time he was talking to a spirit and the spirit told him that if he didn’t do what he wanted him to do he would give the song to Prince . That’s why Prince and Michael Jackson had a feud in the mid 80s.

Spirits are one thing you don’t want to play with . He would also channel the spirit of sleep and he would sleep for days sometime .

If you want more information on the Michael Jackson case with spirits leave a comment below and I will answer it .

As soon as I found out that Michael Jackson got his songs from spirits I deleted him from my IPod .

Some people may say that Im acting weird and crazy but why would I want to listen to something that came from spirits and the spirits were bad .

Hip Hop is has the most Illuminati members in it . One former rapper named Biggie Smalls openly admitted that he was going to make a clothing label named 666.

In case you don’t know this 666 is the mark of the beast which signifies that you are on Satan’s team and you will burn in the lake of fire with him . The thing about the lake of fire is you will burn forever , you won’t die, you will suffer for eternity !

Satan even tried to tempt Jesus to bow down to him while he was fasting. He told Jesus that if he bowed down to him he could have everything .

The thing is Jesus owns everything anyway . After he told Satan no He told Satan to flee.

Don’t you see Jesus was approached by Satan so why wouldn’t anyone else .

I don’t listen to hip hop because its filled with ignorance and they glamorize the gangster lifestyle .

Alot of singers have said that they were approached by Satan himself and he told them that if they sold their souls they could have the world .

Here are a list of singers / entertainers that have openly admitted to selling their souls . This is a fact not my opinion .

Kanye West
Katty Perry
Carly Ray Jespen
Snoop Dogg

Some mainstream music artists haven’t sold their souls , I think .

A lot of music videos are FILLED with Illuminati imagery including Justin Timberlake’s videos.

In high school for a bell work assignment we read a report about the Illuminati . We read how Queen Elizabeth was the leader , the nurses give infants medicine when their first born because Thats the rule ( Iliminati so .

The reporters who wrote this article ended up dying the next day . Now if that’s not weird to you I don’t know what is .

Those people were found dead the next day . According to history and the Illuminati rules anybody who exposes Illuminati will be quieted .

Their have been so many people who have whistled about the Illuminati and they either died mysteriously or were never heard from again .

I encourage everyone to read about the Illuminati and Freemasons because they have a huge effect on today’s entertainment industry and now that more people are learning about it they can be stopped ..

Their are so many websites about the Illuminati and what people don’t know is that every president is a Freemason .

That’s right you read it right every president is a Freemason. I’m not sure about the ones in the past but the current presidents are Freemasons . Each president has to be an Ox and Fox .

The Bushes ( the presidents ) are even in a picture of an illuminati meeting . Their has been so much evidence about this case and I know people think this sounds ignorant and crazy .

The illuminati said people were going to think this is crazy if people talked about this …

This is real wether you believe it of not …

Thanks for reading God bless you , please share this with many people as you like ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Feel free to comment … 😀😀😀😀

I will talk more about Satan , Jesus , the Gospel , Islam , etc next post .

20 thoughts on “The Illuminati ,The Music Industry , God , Jesus , and Satan”

    1. Wrong. If you know that the artist is heavily involved with the occult their is no reason why we should listen to their music unless we support the occult.


  1. I’m a christian. I believe in God. I love Jesus and now i’m just trying to be a better people. But in the other side, i’m a huge music lover, i love to listen to all songs. But i never listened to Jay Z, Kanye and Taylor Swift’s musics. But i’m still listening to another illuminati artist’s music like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé etc. What do you think? I need ur answer :”)


  2. I have been doing music for a pretty while now. I was invited to join one of this cults that many musicians belongs. They persuaded me and promised me heaven on earth, but I heard a voice saying to me ”THE BLESSINGS OF THE MAKETH RICH AND ADDED NO SORROW TO IT” by God grace I excused myself from the meeting. In the space of three months one of the musician cult member died. Today By Gods grace my songs are available on almost all the music stores across, because Psalm 75:6-7 says “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”
    So Are you saved dear friend? Have you been born-again by the Spirit of God? Have you obeyed the good news of the gospel by believing on Jesus Christ? The Gospel is not just a matter of promising God to do better, nor to amend our sinful ways, nor to reform, nor give up the world; but rather, to freely receive the gift of God on the basis of Christ’s blood sacrifice. Christ died, was buried and raised up from the dead after three days. That is the “good news” of the gospel which all men must believe to be saved. Eternal life is a free gift. Just confess it and believe that Jesus Christ died, was buried and raised up from the dead after three day.


    1. The answer is yes to all of those questions. Eternal life is a free gift but a Christian shouldn’t do something if he knows it’s wrong just because they are forgiven. For the wages of sin is death.


  3. You are so right,these people don’t think.the devil dont like us he hates us, he just wanna feel great because he sees that he has lost the battle


    1. That is so true . Thank you for commenting I really appreciate that and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and share it with as many people as you want . God bless you .


  4. Hey I don’t want to give my me. But I will put in number so u know who I am. Anyway how can I stay out of the illuminati way. I’m a rap who say for God, Judea Christ so if u have any idea tell me how to stay out of they way k


    1. Think of it like this selling your soul gets you nothing in the next life but a place in help and tomorrow is not a promise.

      Those who are obedient to God will be blessed more than they could ever imagine.

      God owns everything on this earth and he can take it all away in a split second. Their are plenty of artists who have worked their way to fame and they are happy.

      The Bible even says what good is it to gain the whole world and loose your soul ? Their are artists who have had admitted to selling their souls and they are so miserable words can’t even describe it.

      The Bible also tells us that if we trust and believe in God he will be their through all the trials and tribulation that we face in life.

      Put God first and you will be successful and remember he knows best.


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