The Condition of this Country

*The Condition of this Country

Right now this country is filled with scandalous politicians , as a matter of fact more than ever . That’s correct their are now more scandalous politicians then ever . They probably have been in Washington all along just waiting to see who they can devour . I don’t see how in the world Obama hasn’t been impeached .

He has already done a list of things that should’ve had him going back to Chicago along time ago . The IRS has been trusted with people’s finances for as long as I can remember now their targeting Republicans and other conservative groups . If the IRS would have targeted Democrats we would never have heard the end of this story .

People aren’t doing enough , this would have never happened during anyone else’s administration only during the Obama Administration . I’m not sure if anyone is on Twitter but Republicans have been doing a great job at winning the Twitter war but lets try winning the election next time .

The Republican Party will have to use new strategies for a fact . We are currently in the year of 2013 and minorities make up most of the ethnic maps now so Republicsns need to try to get votes from different races .

I am a Conservative and I am a minority (African American ) ,I unlike many other people (I am not bragging ) did my research and since I am a bible believing christian the Republican party matched my beliefs . I am also an active Tea Party member .

I honestly don’t see how a bible believing Christian could vote for a gay marriage supporter , legalization of any type of drug supporter , an extremely high taxer, a party that has socialistic ideas . Currently half of our country is on some type of government assistance .

That is a major problem and if you don’t think that’s a problem check to see where all of you’re paycheck is going . One preacher basically said that the government is basically handing out money like crazy . He said he wouldn’t have a problem with that if it was their money .

It is our money that the government is giving away and the sad part is some people are not ill , handicap, or sick they just don’t want to work . I Have a story related to this situation . Their was a man who was unemployed and one day somebody told him their was a factory job available downtown

The man who we will call Sam went down to work at the factory and after two weeks he told his boss that he no longer wanted to work . His boss asked why , the man said why would I work when the government pays me $22 per hour to sit at home and do nothing .

That’s right the government is basically handing out money . The dangerous thing about this situation is when a lot of people get the thought in their head that they don’t have to work their is no one to pay taxes or anything .

The thing people who just sit at home and really don’t have any type of disability don’t understand is what the government gives you isn’t yours . That’s right it’d not yours .

You are living under dictatorship . If the government just decides to take it all away they can because you haven’t earned a penny of it . The hardworking honest person earns their own living and they understand that what they use is theirs .

I am not talking about people who are really disabled you are not the people who should be blamed . The people who don’t want to work and have no disability are the ones who are to be blamed .

So many people think that Republicans want to take away all of the financial help that’s not true we want to take it away from the lazy people who are just using it . What people don’t understand is that our debt is at an all time high .

It would take more than 10 years to count all of our debt . That’s ridiculous . I was reading a book named Silent No More and the author said he grew up in a poor area where people worked hard for what they got .

He said when government assistance first came out even the poorest people didn’t want it because they couldn’t see getting handed something .

They were used to working for what they had . We as Americans can only do one thing and that is PRAY . We have forgotten the God who helped is establish this country and the God who provides everything .

We need to pray that God heals America and that Christian politicians stand up for what they believe in . We need to pray that people discover a great work ethic . Lets pray that the next president of the USA is filled with the Holy Ghost and shows Godly character .

As I post this on Memorial Day I would like to thank every soldier that has ever fought (I think thats the right verb tense )in any American war. You have and still are helping America stay the land of the free .

Lets pray it stays that way .

Thanks for reading this post , please share with many people as you can .

-Any post that I EVER post isn’t hatred , racism , etc .


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