Note: The Prosperity Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel is a term known by many but people really don’t understand it. God tells us that if we have faith as the size of a mustard seed anything is possible in his name.

Many people don’t realize that . Their are preachers who tell their members this concept and they too live by it that’s why they call it prosperity. I’m not sure if you have heard of this Christian rapper who made a song named fal$e preachers but she made a song about preachers who she think are false prophets.

I have said it and I will say it again if you’re not God you don’t have the authority to call anyone a false prophet. One of the preachers she listed was Joel Osteen.

I am very familiar with Joel Osteen and his preaching style. Joel uplifts his members and he tells them that they can make it regardless of what life hands you. He isn’t a hell fire brimstone preacher but he mentions God a lot which is his job of course.

We have to understand that Joel has not been preaching that long so he isn’t going to start off by being a Billy Graham. Preachers don’t start off preaching deep sermons, it takes time for them to get more knowledge in God’s word.

God calls everyone to be something . He doesn’t have people on earth for no reason. Everybody has a purpose and nit everyone know that they do , that’s the sad part. God probably called some preachers to preach about certain things .

God did tell us in the bible that if someone preaches or talk about God make sure what their saying matches the word of God. A lot of people think a preacher is a false prophet because they teach their members about being promoted, big breaks ,healing , and other things.

All if those things are in the bible but so are bad breaks,sickness, death, demon possession, witchcraft,sorcery, sex, adultery , finances , the supernatural , science ,spiritual gifts,the spiritual realm,history and other things. The Bible contains so much knowledge its important that preachers and speakers talk about it all .

If you’re unsure about a certain topic look it up in the bible. Their are different translations of The Bible , some are more clearer than other versions, but it’s all still God’s word. A lot of preachers ,apostles, popes, etc don’t know about a certain topic in the bible and they won’t preach about it therefore someone won’t know about it.

That’s why it’s important to read the bible daily and their ARE SO MANY Christian resources their is no excuse. Recently I was watching a TV show named Way of the World and its basically about a group of missionaries that go around the world and spread the gospel. One time they were in some part of Europe ,I forgot the country , and they were talking to this lady and the man asked a lady did she have a bible in her house.

She said yes and he asked when was the last time she read it , she said two months ! I know people have busy schedules but their are a lot of resources about Christianity and their is no reason not to know about Jesus.

Most people have smart phones nowadays and their constantly downloading apps. Download a bible app the next time you get a chance.

I have an app named Jesus text where their is a daily bible verse from Jesus. Their are apps that send bible verse text messages . Almost all Americans text why not get a text that’s going to help you. Another thing I want to talk about is the Internet and Christianity. A lot of anti-Christian stuff is on the internet so it’s important we recognize that fact. I have seen so many times on the internet where someone mentions a preachers life style. I’m not sure if people know this but preachers actually earn their money .

I am not saying that everyone who calls them self a preacher is a preacher . Let’s use Joyce Meyer for an example. Almost every time I get on the internet someone mentions her Mercedes. Joyce Meyer has written over 23 New York Time bestsellers and the books are good ! Awhile ago like 5-10 years ago Joyce Meyer stopped taking an annual salary from her church. Her and Dave Meyer both. So many people especially the government are noisy and want to know how much she makes.

That is none of their business . She isn’t scamming anyone. Most of the money she earns go to missionary trips and she builds homes and does a lot of work with the money right here in the USA. I have noticed that people don’t complain about how much other religion leaders make. I’m not sure what you call someone who preaches Islam but in this post we are going to call them Islam teachers .

In case you’re under a rock and haven’t realized this , mosques are popping up all over the place . Mosques are a place of worship for Muslims. Islam is the world’s largest growing religion .

No one is on the news complaining about how much their teachers are making .Satan is making people believe pastors shouldn’t have any money because with money in the hands of a pastor means missionaries.

With more missionaries that equals more Christians and with more Christians that mean Satan will have a nightmare. Satan knows with more Christians he has less power. Christians are the light of the World and with more light ,which we need more of, means less darkness.

The next post I post will be about The Church .

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2 thoughts on “Note: The Prosperity Gospel”

  1. Good post. As Joyce Meyer says it is of the utmost importance that we be well balanced. All of God’s ministers have their purpose and their special way of reaching the lost and hurting. Joel preaches hope to the khopeless while Joyce preaches the word. It is each of our responsibility to make sure we are feeding our spirit in a balanced way in prayer and with the leading of the holy spirit as our guide. It is all about jesus and who we are in him. If we get confused about that then we are completely out of balance.


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