Prayer and People

Alot of people nowadays think they have no purpose in life but thats what Satan wants us to think. I must start this post off by telling the reader that Satan is the father of lies , thats why its good to read the Bible beause God warns us that Satan will try to lie to us. This post is mostly about Satan lies and about the bible.

It is very important to read the Bible becausewe can see what God wants us to do. When we read the Bible we dont get little starts next to out name in heaven we are doing ourself a favor by reading the bible.

God loves everybody and we wouldnt be on earth if he didnt have a purpose for your life. God didnt put you on this earth to live an ordinary life, he didnt put you on this earth so you can be normal . We as Christians should be the light of the world in this dark world.

For example , in The Bible God tells us not to have sex before marriage, in this culture that is very weird but God told us to wait until marriage for a reason. If you are reading this post and you didnt wait until marriage to havesex God has forgave you already but he doenst want you to make the same mistake.

God tells us in the bible that if we continue to do the same thing over and over knowing that its sin God will indeed judge that. God also doesnt approve of abortion but if you have had an abortion God has forgave you already so please dont go around feeling guilty.

The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob doesnt want us to live a normal life just getting by. I know this sounds like some pop psychology but in the Bible God never gave little , he was a liberal giver.

For examplewhen Jesus turned fish into loaves(Mathher 14 13-21) their was more than enough left over. So just remember God created you for a purpose, he doesnt waste his time creating worthless creations. Another thing I want to talk about is praying Bold size prayers. Alot of times people pray only if i get through this size prayers when in reality God is much bigger and powerful then we think he is.

We should be bold in our prayers and if our prayers go unanswered for a while we should have the faith that God is going to answer our prayer in due time ! Alot of times people loose faith because their prayers dont come through when they want them to but the Christian faith is all about faith and patience.

Remember when the times get tough get down on your knees and pray with faith !


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