Our Relationship with God

Everyone should have a relationship with God but unfortunately every doesn’t . Their are millions of people that are dying everyday and unfortunately they haven’t heard if the gospel.

God said in the bible without accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior you can’t enter through the gates of heaven.

Their are some pastors saying that their is more than one way to get to heaven and that is a flat out lie . I want to mention to that everyone should be careful about what they research about preachers and God because some people will have you believing every preacher is out to get your money and that’s false .

People make Christianity so hard when in reality it’s not . Sure you have to have faith and a lot if patience but you have to have those two things in everyday life .

Alot of people say they do t have patience and their probably absolutely right . Their friends probably are sick of them to and just don’t tell them .

God is a loving God but society nowadays try to brainwash people into thinking he is an angry and judge mental God when in reality he isn’t .

Satan wants people to be confused and ignorant when it comes to Christianity when in reality their are far too many resources out their to be ignorant about Christianity . They even give away free NIV and KJV bibles . Their are no excuses .

A lot of times people don’t want to accept God because they don’t want to get rid of their sins .

Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have fun anymore . I am a Christian and I have fun and I know a lot of Christians that have fun .

God is good and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise , If you are a Christian you should be in a good bible believing church and if you are not a Christian go to a good bible believing church .

Every church is not a bible believing church that’s why you have people who think they are hearing the word of God but in reality they are being deceived .

Everyone should have a bible and if you have a bible don’t read it with a critical mind because Satan will try his best to make you not believe the Bible and to be skeptical of it . If you go purchase a bible when you read it don’t have a skeptical mind because Satan will try to deceive you .

Satan is the father of lies and so are his followers .

Remember God is good and God bless you for reading this post and remember if you don’t have a bible go purchase one . In the long run you will be glad you did .

If you have any questions, comments , or anything to say feel free to comment.


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