Terrorism and other Stuff

We live in a world where no one can know if their secure or not positively . Terriosm has existed for a long time but on 9/11 /2000 everybody became aware that Terriosm was alive and it existed . A lot of people are familiar with the terriost group Al Qaeda . They are not the only terriost group but they are the most known . Their leader Bin Laden was supposedly killed but a lot of Americans think he is still alive including me . Terriosm affects people and gives them a sense of fear . A recent survey was taken by Fox News and they said 92% of the people do not feel the government I’d doing all they can to stop Terriosm . The government’s policies sort of promote Terriosm because once they catch terriosts they don’t take action . Republicans are known for taking action quicker than Democrats . Democrats love to to what their doing now they like to say they need more evidence before they take action . Plenty of evidence has been presented to the Democrats so they should be taking actions by now . People keep electing the same politicians that never do anything they say their going to do . I was very surprised that people felt Obama deserved a second term because he did nothing beneficial during his first term . If you watch Msnbc , NBC, or some other liberal news station you may be brainwashed into thinking Obama has done a good job . They didn’t show anything about the doctor who performed illegal abortions because liberals are for abortions . In the bible Gid says he knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb . God took the time to make us with care and he knows us before were even born . God doesn’t like the fact that millions and billions if his children are being aborted . Obama is the most abortion supporter president this nation has ever seen and it makes no sense . Recently Obama was at the Planned Parenthood event and he said God bless planned parenthood . God is a good God but when you use his name in something he doesn’t support that’s when he puts his foot down . President Barack Obama also supports gay marriage , in Leviticus he says man should NOT lay with a man like he would lay with a women . God made it clear even two thousand years ago and somehow America keeps turning God’s words around . In the Old Testament God was very quick to judge and the punishments were fierce . God has way more mercy now thank God because if he didn’t America would have been destroyed along time ago . God is speaking to America through Mother Nature(weather ) and other events that are going on around the world . Atheists and other non believers do t believe in the bible but the bible has prophecy that us coming true everyday . Biblical Prophecy is so real that you can’t deny the fact that the bible is true . The next post I will do is going to be about the bible . God bless you fur reading this post and please share it with you’re friends or families .

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