Different styles of preaching

*Different Styles of Preaching
The Bible warns us that in the last days their will be more and more false prophets . Their were false prophets even in the biblical days and God dealt with them accordingly . The reason I am doing this post is because so many people think that if someone doesn’t preach a hell fire brimstone sermon ,their a false prophet . For example , many of you have heard of the televangelist named Joel Osteen . We all know Joel Osteen’s father (John Osteen) was a great pastor and he had a fire hell brimstone style of preaching . Joel Osteen is not a hell fire brimstone preacher he has a more relaxed style of preaching . Because Joel has such a relaxed preaching style many people label him as a false prophet . The biblical definition of a false prophet is one who says Jesus is not Lord and one who says God is not real . A false prophet doesn’t use the bible and makes no reference of The Lord of God . Joel Osteen is not a hell fire fire brimstone preacher , he is a preacher that accepts all type of people and that’s what churches should be doing nowadays . When I say accept all types of people I mean he doesn’t discriminate based on their race ,gender , or sexual orientation . When we are born again we are a new us basically . We as Christians should be trying to reach to many people as possible . When we are trying to reach someone lets forget their race , sexual orientation or gender . We as Christians should be trying to reach to people and once we reach them they should get saved and once their saved God will handle the rest .God calls people to do different things . When God calls you to do something do t worry about anything else because when the almighty God calls you everything is covered ! When God calls you to do something you know everything is covered between him and you and you don’t have to worry about what people will say . Even when we are called to do something we can still mess up sometimes for example (Jimmy Swaggart , Jim Bakker ,etc ) . God is a loving God so he will forgive us but if we as Christians continue to do the same thing and we know its wrong we will be judge accordingly . A lot of people talk about people when their not living a Christian lifestyle themselves . God had called many people to do things regardless of their race or gender . In the next post I will discuss false prophets and I may even discuss spiritual gifts . Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and please share thus with friends or family members . May The Lord bless you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day .

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