You’re purpose on Earth

A lot of people think that they are here on earth for no reason but that’s not true. God has everyone on this earth for a reason and its important that you never let anyone tell you that you’re not important . God created you with a purpose and a lot of people leave earth without finding out what their purpose is . Last week I did a post on how it’s important finding out who you are in Christ . It’s also important to find out why you’re here on earth . I don’t know about you but while Im here on earth I want to help out many people as I can . We all know people who can make a good day turn bad ; We should be a person who turns a bad day into a good one . People are going to talk about you especially when their jealous . They may say their not jealous but inside their really jealous . They wouldn’t be jealous if they knew what their purpose was in life . Satan hates people who help other people . Remember God is on control and remember that God is still in control no matter what the headline of the newspaper says . Many people ask where God is but the truth is he should be inside us . When Jesus is inside is that is hope !! Many people say they are Christians but the world is going to go by your actions not your words . The current president claims he is a Christian but his actions ( supporting gay marriage , supporting abortion , not helping Israel when they need the help the most ) . His actions don’t scream Im a Christian they scream that he isn’t a Christian . Just remember you we’re created for a purpose !


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