A Relationship or Game

The Difference between a Relationship and a Game . A lot of people day they want a relationship but they don’t know the characteristics of a real relationship. When you are in a relationship you don’t have live in the same house that is called shacking and the bible clearly speaks against shacking . A lot of people like about Kim Kardashian and her show . One of her sisters ,I forgot the name , but she has two children and is living with her boyfriend named Scott and they have two children together . That Is ridiculous to have two children and not even be married . Scott said his girlfriend isn’t interested in marriage . The problem is women don’t know their self value that’s why they stick around in worthless relationships and waste precious God given time . If you have a two kids you and you’re not even married you’re just playing house and that’s not funny or cute because all you’re doing is confusing everybody in the house . If you’re a woman and your in this situation get out of it God created you for so much more .. Please read your bible and if you don’t have a bible go to the library or go to a store and buy you’re own copy . Read the bible and specifically read bible scriptures about marriage so you can see what God’s ideal on marriage is . If you’re not a Christian start reading the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament . Even if you’re a Christian start reading the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament . A lot of people think the bible is contradictory because they start reading the bible from the New Testament and they end at the Old Testament . You must start at the Old Testament and end at the New Testament . People who don’t read the Old Testament to the New Testament thinks the Bible is contradictory and that’s not true . The Bible is not contradictory in fact The Bible is one of the most wisest books you will ever read . If you are an atheist or if you are in another religion you will be surprised at how much knowledge is in the Bible. May God bless you for taking the time to read my blog . Don’t forget About reading the bible .


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