The new budget

If you’re got watching the news you need to be,FACT. Obama , the current president, is passing a budget that means theirs another tax hike plus he is about to tax social security. If you have been working all of your life to save for a rainy day then this means that you’re social security is being affected. Do you want to b know something that’s funny, The Tea Party predicted this would happen a month ago and everybody thought that they were crazy. Well now it has happened and people need to do something about it.Some people may get a Swiss bank account but for the people that can’t hold up a Swiss bank account will be affected. I advise you to write a letter to Congress and demand that they demand a better budget from President Obama. Fox news said that their is a budget Obama can pass a budget that would create 1 million jobs.People are so willing to do anything for a source of  income and the unemployment rate is not going down a lot of people just have quick looking for work. Whether or not you’re a liberal or conservative  you can’t lie and say that the economy is not bad. I would recommend that you vote wiser. No matter how cool they seem that doesn’t matter you need to see what their voting record is.



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