Gay Marriage ,God, & Sin

On the last post I was talking about the Liberal Agenda. I will be talking about that a little bit but I will mostly talk about gay marriage . PBS tweeted today the financial benefits of gay marriage . They want gay marriage to be passed so badly all they are talking about is gay marriage and its benefits . On news stations all they say is that 75% of the country wants gay marriage but the truth is only one judge in California want it . Obama said that the decision is out if his hand . It seems to 56 % of the country that all decisions are out of Obama hands because he makes such poor decisions . When he was running people were so brain washed by his great psychology speeches . He said in every speech that he would cut the spending but according to his voting record history when he was senator he voted to spend more money every time he got a chance to vote . Everyone needs to call their local representative and tell then that you don’t support gay marriage . If you think gay marriage is good you are very confused my friend . Gay marriage will mess up family trees and it will cost so much confusion . Two women can’t have children they have to go to get something that is needed to make babies . Two men can’t have children either . Emotional confusion and evil causes gay marriage . A man who thinks he is a woman is very emotionally confused a he needs The Lord in his life . God does love everyone but certain things are not accepted . One thing we shouldn’t do is hate homosexuals because God doesn’t fate homosexuals he doesn’t like their ways . Homosexuality is a din just like lying and judging . People have sin so mixed up they think that homosexuality is a bigger sin than lying . Sin is wrong period no matter what sin it is . Everybody needs Jesus wether your a homosexual , a lier or whatever your dealing with . The thing that everybody needs to know is that the creator of the universe which is God loves you .


4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage ,God, & Sin”

  1. Marriage is an institution formed by God in the Garden of Eden. It is not unlike forging a sword, with the proper tools and temperance. Man thinks that he capable of forging the same sword with different materials, and a different process. All i can say is, Oh, foolish ones. What have Ye done? Why must they call their unions a marriage? A married couple (man and woman) are like a pair of socks, one complements the other and the are the same color and style. A gay couple might be two socks but I wouldn’t wear them out to a dance. Nothing is worst than a pair of mismatched socks!


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