Politics and Today’s Economy

I don’t know what made people vote Obama in again but for whatever reason I hope it was a good one. Yesterday they said an email leaked which proves that the Sequester has been exaggerated . The first thing that is wrong with today’s economy is we have people who don’t want to work because they are lazy so therefore they sit at home and collect our hard dollars that we go to work and earn . The scary part is its not just a couple of people doing this its half of the country. If we don’t stop electing the same politicians in office our country can not move “forward”. Our current president claims were moving forward but according to the numbers we aren’t ! Some people must like going to work to support lazy people but I don’t like it . We’re trying the same thing Greece did before they went bankrupt . WAKE UP AMERICA ! I am a bible believing Christian and I do support helping people who are disabled and\or people who fall on hard times . What I don’t support is helping people who choose to live off others . Be careful about who you listen to because every news station doesn’t tell the full story. NBC, ABC , and Msnbc definitely don’t report the full story . Fox News is a fair and balanced news station that brings people from both political parties to discuss things through . Don’t even get me started on Piers Morgan ! For the people that teach liberal methods go to countries where liberalism is being practiced . Go to countries like Greece and countries that are headed in the same direction since you believe those policies actually work. One thing I don’t agree with is changing how Social Security works . It’s been working good for all of the other years so why change it now . The average American can hardly save now so why would we start giving people their social security money with their regular check . That is nothing but stupidity , leave social security alone and let’s focus on some things that are more important . In my next post I am going to discuss the proper age of retirement and I will be discussing Gay Marriage . Please share this with you’re friends and you can comment if you would like all opinions are accepted!


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