OK this isn’t going to be a long essay , this is just going to be a quick post.

First off I’m going to start off asking you (the reader ) some questions.

If you had a friend , how would you feel if your friend did business with your enemy right in front on your face?

It wouldn’t feel too good would it , well that’s exactly what we are doing to Israel.

President Obama is doing business with radical Muslims in the middle east, and the countries that he is doing business with have said plenty of times in the past and present that they want to wipe Israel off the map and if a particular country in the middle East hasn’t openly said that they want to wipe Israel off the map they have had a history with doing business with countries who have said it . {I am not saying that every Muslim is a radical }.

Their are petitions on ACLJ and on the TEA Party’s website that are trying to stop Obama from doing this because America has always been friends with Israel but the things that we are doing to Israel show otherwise.

Something is wrong with this picture and we as Americans need to fix it , you can help fix it by signing the petition on ACLJ website and/or you can call your local congress person in your county and tell them that you want to support Israel and if they get enough callers they will take that to the president and when the president gets notified that’s when change may happen.

People who say , “Well what if it doesn’t work ?” are just being negative. If you dont try you will never know so lets all support Israel because they are helping us in America plus it is stated in the Bible that we as Christians should help Israel and if you watch liberal based news {MSNBC,NBC,ABC,etc.|they probably aren’t telling you all of the details so the best thing you can do is watch well rounded news such as FOX news because Fox news isn’t only for Conservatives its for Liberals as well.

Fox news unlike other stations is fair and balanced.



Please leave a reply I would love to see what you think,

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