The word celebrity is defined as being a famous person. Nowadays everybody is getting famous by doing everything! Some people want to be famous so bad that they make sex tapes to become famous. One celebrity who is well known got really famous by making a sex tape. Morality now a days is in such a bad place. Twenty year ago if you were a celebrity you became one by doing something really big or by actually going by your talent.

Alot of celebs dont have talent that’s why they have to do all of these things like tape their wedding so that can replace the talent and make them seem talent, im not sure about you but I’m getting fed up with stuff like this. I want to see people who can actually act be on television and I want to hear true singers sing on the radio not use auto tune through the entire song and act a complete fool through the entire music video.

This isn’t going to change overnight , people are going to have come together and stop this madness before children think this is what they have to do to become a celebrity. Comment on this and tell me what you think about Hollywood and today’s “Famous people”,


2 thoughts on “Celebs”

  1. I too am not interested in celebrities behaving badly – we need to stop rewarding them with the attention that they are mainly seeking. There are a lot of truly talented celebrities to stay focused on, thank goodness!


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