The Sexuality of Entertainment

Personally I’m a fan of 80s music, some pop music, very little R&B, and I love country and bluegrass. I have noticed that as time keeps moving along and as we keep seeing new years music gets more and more sexual . As a matter of fact everything is sexual now , and if you haven’t noticed that I’m going to pray for you! Commercials are sexual even copy machines are sexual and commercials that should be showed at night are being shown in the broad day light.

I don’t know about you but that’s just ridiculous. As parents you shouldn’t want your child being introduced to that kind of stuff especially if you haven’t given them the talk yet and I don’t mean that weak birds and the bee stuff either because times have changed drastically and kids now a days need to grown people talk because these kids are hearing and seeing things way before they should..

Also please be careful about what you let your child watch on television. You may not want to let your child watch junk like Cartoon Network because cartoon network does nothing but show cartoons that do nothing but ruin the mind. I have a younger brother and I was watching a cartoon with him one time on Cartoon Network and I was just shocked at what they showed.

They showed a cartoon network portraying a trans-dresser and they had the trans-dresser doing some of the most horrible things. Now if you want your child being around that LGBT stuff that’s your business but I would consider you to rethink that because that kind of lifestyle is not healthy and science has proven it.

The purpose of this article is just basically to tell you to be careful about what your kids watch and this may be a reminder that you need to give your kids “the talk” and remember dont water it down because either you will teach your child the right way or their going to hear it in school the wrong way.

Please leave a reply I would love to see what you think,

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