Teenagers nowadays are growing up too fast. They think that once they get their license and a job they are grown but news flash teenagers , you aren’t grown legally until you’re 18. Teenagers nowadays are so sexually active that by the time their married sex will be a daily routine in their life. Teenagers if you are reading this and this situation applies to you slow it down ! You should be waiting until marriage anyway but nowadays that is viewed as an ancient and lame idea. I don’t know about you but I don’t plan on catching any type of std ever in my life . The scary thing about SOME teenagers nowadays is that they don’t use protection which is a very find idea. Ladies just because your boyfriend gets you pregnant does not mean that he will stay with you. In a lot of situations men have left their girlfriend to go with another girl and then they do it all over again. Slow it down you have your entire life to get married and have kids but for now just enjoy being a teenager.


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