Identify Thieves

Please be aware of scam artists


Be aware of scam artists because they are real and they are out there to STEAL YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. Let me tell you one thing about scam artists: they don’t have a life! A lot of scam artists are viewed as creepy middle-aged men living with their mother sitting at home all day just waiting for your information to get lost in cyberspace. I have watched enough news stations to see that they call asking for information that they don’t need. For instance, a scam artist will pretend to be Ebay and they will call asking for your information which is odd because in every email Ebay says that they already have your information so why would they need to call and ask for it, think about that for a second. Now sometimes people do receive calls from Ebay but they’re not going to just ask you out of the blue to state all of your information, if they do ask for your information they are probably verifying it or something else plus the information is already on their computer screen when they call you so you definitely shouldn’t have to keep repeating it and doing other weird things and if Ebay does call you make sure you get the number down that their calling from and the person’s name your speaking too. A lot of times people don’t use common sense that’s why scam artists love to prey on certain type of people because of their lack of knowledge on the topic of identity theft. Let me use the lottery for instance, if you win something you will never have to pay to get it! I don’t know why people cannot comprehend this concept but so many people have been scammed into sending a thousand dollar checks so they can get their $500 check. I know this sounds crazy but people get fooled every day and you would think that people would catch on but apparently they aren’t. This stuff can happen to anyone at any time but the best thing you can do is to use your common sense and your inner voice and that will take you a long way.For starters everyone should get a paper shredder and shred all of their important bills and when making online purchase you can go to WalGreens and buy an American Express gift card which can be loaded up to $1,000 depends on which one you get. These are just tips and you can find more tips by clicking anywhere on this message.

Please feel free to tell me what you think about identify theft and what you can do to prevent it..


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