Racism in this World

Racism has been in this earth forever!

There is one thing about racism, its ignorance! Racism was handed down generation to generation by people we don’t even know.

God doesn’t approve of racism and anyone who tells you that he does is living in ignorance. All in the bible different ethnic groups lived upon each other so why is it so hard for people to live together in harmony nowadays?

Many people have lost their lives trying to get erase racism from society but according to the looks of it , it wasnt so successful

Racism is everywhere not just in the South(in America, the southern states). The thing about it is that it must end right now!

God created all races equally and he doesn’t tolerate racism at all! He punishes those who do it! What makes people think that their race is the race that is perfect? Ignorance

I live down south and since the Jim Crow Era was down here , I still see that some people don’t want to change their ways even in the year of 2012.

I am AfricanAmerican and I am glad that we have an African -American president but that doesn’t mean that I support him. I am a Republican, but I don’t have all Republican views.

If America would remove racism God would bless us and with his blessings we would rise so high that we couldn’t imagine!

Racism has been going on for centuries not just in the 1960s like th history books try to make it seem like. It is till going in a lot of parts of the world but most of it is sugar-coated.

I’m not just writing this for the heck of it but I’m writing to let us know that we need to remove the old racist mentality not just to get God’s blessings , so we can get along and act like we have some sense!

If you are a racist change your ways in the name of Jesus because that way of thinking is stinking. The crazy part of it is that all racist people are mixed with the race that they don’t care for due to all of the multicultural mixing that took place a long time ago and that takes place now.


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