When you pray you are releasing supernatural things in your life that are good for you!!!

God tells us to pray in the bible(James 5:13-18) and then everything will be ok. He doesn’t say that you will get whatever you need right away but it will come in due time.

People nowadays have seem to have forgotten about the power of prayer.

We should all pray all the time not just when the times are good or when you want or need something.You are probably wondering why I am writing this article.

I am writing this article because if it was ever a time to pray it is now. We should have been praying or we wouldn’t have been in this huge economic mess.

The president of the United States thinks that two men should have the right to get married!

Most of his ideas and policies are so socialist and he has helped majorly put us in a $16 trillion debt( He didn’t do it own his own, we have two wars that are unpaid for).

What upsets me is that people do not keep track of current issues and that we are uneducated about t issues in this generation as a whole.

We keep electing these same presidents that give the same speeches that hype people up but the thing is we need to look at their voting record. If they say their going to increase salaries for every job in America but in 2010 their voting record said that they voted to cut half of the jobs in America and send them somewhere overseas that means somethings wrong with that picture.

Unless we cut or spending and pay our debts we will be leaving future generations a lot of debt and worrying and that is something that we should not want to do.

Its time America elects another president that wont remove God from the mission statement, reject gift baskets or anything else from the church, give money to abortion clinics like crazy,removes rights from Christians and gives more rights to Muslims ( I do not have anything against Muslims) or supports gay marriage.

I highly recommended everyone to pray about this and to ask God to help America and bring us back to the country we once were. In Jesus name we pray. Amen


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