What you need to know about their politicians and their speeches

Señalización de lugar de votación en Californi...
Señalización de lugar de votación en California. 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know that politicians give those great speeches but what you don’t know is that a lot of the times their written by someone else and their written to simply tickle your ears!

I thought for a long time that politicians were actually going to do what they said they were going to do in the speeches but I learned not to look in a speech to see what a politician would do , I learned to look at their voting record because in their voting record is where they show their TRUE belief.

Politicians lie a lot on speeches but if you look at their voting record you will see what they REALLY believe. Politicians make certain decisions to gain votes and a lot of people don’t know that.

A lot of politicians have voted to increase spending. Thats something you wont see in the news or the newspaper.

This election is so critical in my opinion because there are so many issues that need to be handled. Our politicians are trying to spent their way to wealth , which is simply impossible and their spending money like its going out of style but the truth is the money is going out!

Communists countries are starting to tell us that we are spending too much money and when a communists country tells us that , that’s a bad sign!

I’m not that old but I know NEVER in this country have we ever been threatened of social security funds drying out. We can raise the retirement age up 2 years because I believe that if a person has worked 32 years or more (if they choose to work more) they ought to have the choice to retire and enjoy the rest of their God-given life.

So keep America in your prayers and pray that our politicians learn the value of a dollar. AND DONT FORGET TO VOTE BECAUSE VOTING IS VERY IMPORTANT.. I WILL DO AN ARTICLE LATER ON ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF VOTING!


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