Whose Report are your reading?

People listen to people and sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Some people listen to people are going to help them in life but some people listen to people who are going to do the opposite which is hold them back.

Everybody that talks isn’t speaking the truth . Some people start rumors and some people even talk about people. If you read nothing else in this article read this , ” No one can talk about anyone unless they are perfect( No one is perfect but God) .”

Some people are so bitter all they do is go around talking about people because they are bitter themselves. If someone talks about someone the first thing they think about doing is getting even with them but getting even isn’t the best choice to make all the time.

Some people hate themselves believe it or not and their goal is to go around and try to make people hate themselves. The only person that I am going to listen to is God anyone Else’s report is just a bunch of stupidity that I refuse to entertain.

Some people believe it or not are trying to impress people so to impress that person they change them self into someone else. I’m not speaking against changing because sometimes change is good but don’t change yourself in a situation to try to fit in.

If everyone felt great about themselves there would not be a need to go around talking about others that’s why I don’t get offended when someone tries to insult me because God is the only person I’m trying to impress , I don’t know about you!

So the next time someone comes up talking a whole bunch of mess press the IGNORE button which is simply not even paying that person attention.

8 thoughts on “Whose Report are your reading?”

  1. For believers in God, I do think it’s good to try and please God. However, there are others on Earth also worth listening to, and even others who lived before that left words of worth. I’m still learning from Dickens and Shakespeare, and a hundred other prophets. And if I didn’t listen to my wife, who I love and respect, I wouldn’t remain married for long.


  2. Thank you for the follow on Kerri Chronicles. I love this post and I love that you don’t sugar coat. I also look forward to diving into your site and reading more from you with a follow back at you.


  3. I enjoy your blog, have stumbled upon it relatively recently. I nominated you for 2 awards, to express my appreciation for your thought-provoking ideas. Thanks for so many good posts.


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